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note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone (UT)

This month’s ASTRO CALENDAR lists major planetary placements & patterns, together with movement of the Moon and void of course phases, on a daily basis.

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Generally speaking, the strongest influences will come from:

1. the current position of your Ruling Planet and the aspects, patterns or connections it creates
2. your Ruling Planet moving retrograde or direct
3. planets passing through your Zodiac Sign
4. New and Full Moons affecting your section of the Zodiac

Keep track of the Moon this Month

Planetary Rulers of Zodiac Signs

Planet Mars rules Aries, Planet Venus rules Taurus & Libra, Planet Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, The Moon ruler Cancer, The Sun rules Leo, Planet Pluto rules Scorpio, Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Planet Saturn rules Capricorn, Planet Uranus rules Aquarius and Planet Neptune is ruler of Pisces.


Welcome to 2023! Capricorn Season began on 21 December 2022 and continues until the 20th of this month when the Sun moves into the third air sign Aquarius. January is a solar blend of earth and air elements which enables us to evolve existing ideas and systems so they can continue to operate successfully far into the future. By combining past experience with innovative insight there is no reason why we should not be able to solve even the most pressing of Humanity’s problems.

Here are the highlights in this month’s astrological cycles. Invite them to guide and empower your manifestation projects and ask for their assistance when you struggle to cope with the harsher aspects of life on Planet Earth.

WEEK ONE 01-07 January 2023

1 January Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This intense entanglement between the planet of resources and relationships and the planet of power could trigger strong reactions. The wisest way to use it would be to confront any issues you may be dealing with regarding other peoples’ behaviour and its influence on you. Do not be tempted to lower your standards where mutual respect is concerned. Connections – whether personal or professional – which ignore your input, disregard your contribution and underplay your true value are not worth having. It is time to transform attitudes that tend to value material assets over natural resources. The true source of your personal power lies in the talents you were born with. These gifts are way more important than any social position, wealth or status you might have earned because they alone can offer you a real sense of joy and fulfilment. There is no guilt, shame or envy attached to the satisfaction you gain from expressing your natural abilities and the admiration they attract is sincere and unfeigned.

2-7 January Sun trines North Node & Uranus in Taurus, squares Chiron in Aries and conjuncts Mercury in Capricorn. This is the perfect point at which to stop and make plans for a stress-free future. If you are wondering how to achieve such an elevated objective, think in terms of simplification. So many of our problems stem from a tendency to over-complicate our lives. The way forward will look far easier once you have cut back on unnecessary concerns about stuff that does not really signify in the overall order of your existence. The time that lies ahead of you will be far more enjoyable, calm and relaxed without it!


Considering innovative ways to apply your talents and abilities could give you access to new admirers, possibly within group settings. Appreciative friends may prove to be your top ambassadors. If you are looking for love, situations involving teams, tribes and technology might be where potential partners are waiting to be found. Seek out kindred spirits who share your values and ideals as something that starts out on a platonic note could turn into a closer connection.

Even though you may not care much about material matters you must admit they provide you with the personal freedom you value so highly, which is sustained by an income that matches your outgoings. Your unique talents can be used to maintain a financial balance which guarantees that you do not lose your liberty.

6-7 January FULL MOON IN CANCER opposing Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

Anything that comes to fruition at this time is likely to be the product of a fertile growing season. All the heart and soul, feelings and emotions you have poured into your project will pay off in the rewards of a harvest which would not be so rich had you not cared so much! If you are critical of the results you have achieved or disappointed with your progress to date it could be because you have failed to create an emotional connection with the goals you are aiming for.

The Full Moon’s opposition to Mercury Retrograde, which conjuncts the Sun in Capricorn, suggests that you may need to look again at any negative impressions you might have formed regarding your efforts to date, especially if they are based on second-hand information or hastily-formed opinions. Try not to make mean and meagre generalisations about something that is so personal to you and which should be judged on its own merits.

6 January Venus in Aquarius trine Ceres in Libra. This is great energy for socialising with kindred spirits who share your interest in creative projects that promote the ideals of peace, harmony and equality for all. Perhaps you can persuade each other to keep on hoping that your futuristic view of life will soon come to fruition. In any case, you could offer mutual support when either of you starts to question the choices they have made, or is at the stage where modifications need to be made in order to enhance an existing scheme or design.

WEEK TWO 08-14 January 2023

8-13 January Mercury moving Retrograde in Capricorn trines Uranus & North Node in Taurus and squares Chiron in Aries. Problems with plans that were pushed through too quickly or which underestimated the effects of unexpected upheavals could turn out to be an important life lesson that will help you move forward, and this time from a much firmer footing. There should be no guilt, shame or regret attached to any mistakes made as they will have taught you valuable tips on how to manage your time more efficiently and effectively, thereby reducing the amount of stress you have to cope with.

9-11 January Venus in Aquarius trines Mars in Gemini and squares the Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio. It is time to celebrate the most valuable relationships in your life, which tend to be of the kindred spirit type. Those that are based on shared ideals and hopes for the future, that recognise your unique qualities but never make heavy demands on your time and energy. A sense of belonging to the same soul group and of speaking each other’s language makes for easy communication between you. This set of planetary patterns could be helpful if you hope to correct a communication that in your opinion did not convey exactly the right message to the social sector you were aiming to engage with. Do not forget to mention the original features about your offer which could attract their attention. They may not appeal to everyone but people who do respond favourably could turn out to be long-term lovers of your unique style.


Eris is blamed for being a negative influence but in reality, she is not the true source of conflict, rivalry and discord on Planet Earth. It is humans who misuse her power to promote and promulgate aggressive action in the world so as to satisfy their own selfish purposes. Feisty Eris would far rather see us behaving like the brave warriors and fearless heroines from ancient times who were prepared to protect their tribes from primitive forces of evil, and defend them in times of danger.

While this is a very long-term influence, you can still interact positively with the pro-active energies of fearless Eris so long as you tune into her ability to make you more confident and assertive. But she must not be allowed to emphasise your impatient streak!


If you have had to step back from fast-paced activity to take a short break, it could be that the energy which allows you to resume your former speed will now be available to you. It is not necessary to pin yourself down to a single activity at this stage, as your interest will be better spread over a variety of subjects. Multi-tasking is the name of the game and one which can be fun to play so long as you do not lose sight of your key aims and objectives. It is also important to keep track of the information you pick up, even if it is only in fragment form, as it may prove to be of interest to you at some point.

Hopefully you have learned the lesson about what tends to go wrong when you skip over the key stages in your activity and end up back where you started. You can now proceed towards your finish line knowing that every box is ticked and all your gaps are filled.

14 January Sun in Capricorn square Eris in Aries. This confrontational energy should be handled with patience and restraint. If you are coping with situations that threaten to escalate into aggression and end in conflict, it would be wiser to walk away and wait until you have formulated a strategy on how to resolve matters in a more mature way. Authority figures might be a source of aggravation but your best course of action with them is to hold your fire for the time being. You do not need to make enemies of influential people who could have the power to harm your interests in any way.

WEEK THREE 15-21 January 2023

15 January Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. If you are concerned about losing your freedom or being trapped in a claustrophobic corner it is time to do a double take on your current circumstances. You may have missed the evolutionary potential within your situation, which could completely turn things around for you in future. Better not to break away until you are sure it is in your best interests to do so. You may be finding it easier to express talents you have always seen as unusual or unconventional, which might give you a new found sense of freedom. Please do not hesitate to explore the fresh perspectives you gain, as they could help to evolve the way you perceive these gifts. Perhaps you will begin to recognise their true value as a natural resource. Certainly you should not deny their ability to make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling.

18 January Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Personal power, wealth and privilege come at a high price when you consider the heavy weight of accountability they carry. It is difficult to live a light life as a billionaire with that much responsibility attached to your soul. But the karmic burden is lifted from their shoulders the minute an egotistical oligarch undertakes to transform their guilt into gratefulness and their hubris to humility. Self-empowerment does not have to be all about making an impression on the earth plane. It can involve a profound process of personal transformation that demands stringent standards of discipline and diligence. The rewards, which are of a spiritual nature and therefore difficult to attain, are rich beyond any you could possibly achieve in worldly terms.


Following time out for a re-think, you might be relaunching your plans and strategies for success. It may seem that you are being sent back to the drawing board, which could be a depressing thought. But in time, you will come to acknowledge the maturing effect that the experience of learning to cope with disappointment and delay has had on you. If you are embarked on a training course which was starting to seem too boring or difficult, Mercury moving Direct in the disciplined sign of Capricorn could help to re-engage your interest as well as your determination to persevere with your studies.


The Sun’s force is now being filtered through the element of Air, which enhances your ability to think for yourself and to form your own opinions. Once you accept that your life is yours to control, direct and create you can get started on deciding what to do with it. Follow your own star, dare to be different, dazzle the world with your unique quality and style. You can determine your own destiny! The future is yours to fulfil. The properties of Sun Sign Aquarius work well in team settings, or in tribes of kindred spirits who hold similar ideas and ideals without being afraid to agree to disagree on specific aspects of a situation. This is a good time of year to join a group of like-minded souls who share your views on how to make the world a better place. Because Aquarius is associated with innovative technology, virtual meetings can be just as friendly as in-body experiences.


Your intentions should be focussed on the future. It is time to sow the seeds for projects that could continue to reap rewards many years from now. Ideally, your plans will contain an original element or incorporate evolutionary updates, even if you are working with something which has already proved to be successful. Do not be afraid to experiment with innovative models, ideas and concepts in order to bring a cutting edge to your design.

The Moon will move on to trine Mars in Gemini and to square the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, which underlines your ability to break new ground using simple, straightforward ideas with instructions that are easy to understand and implement. It is time to put anything which has outlived its usefulness or is no longer relevant to you firmly in the past.

WEEK FOUR 22-28 January 2023

22 January Mercury in Capricorn trine North Node in Taurus. It makes sense to simplify the most ambitious of your plans, especially from a material point of view. If you can trim back on any unnecessary or overcomplicated overheads, your remaining assets could be ploughed into creating a firm foundation for rich results and long-lasting success. Get the basics right and everything else will follow on from there. Your outcomes will be all the more satisfying when you know they originate from your ability to make intelligent use of a restricted range of resources.

Venus conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. The most valuable asset you possess is your personal liberty, worth more to you than all the wealth, status and admiration you could ever earn. Your spirit is born free and can only be caught or imprisoned with your unconscious agreement. Once you recognise and begin to respect the wild child within you, your attitude towards life changes, so that you never perceive yourself as trapped or victimised again. The strong sense of responsibility involved in accepting that you are the real and only ruler of your fate might be a bit scary to begin with, but you will gradually embrace the concept and learn how to engage constructively and creatively with it.


Moving through the stolid sign of Taurus, unpredictable Uranus is raring to revolutionise us in ways that we will not be able to ignore! His objective is to evolve us by waking us up and shaking us out of our comfort zones, even if the only way to do so is by making the ground move under our feet. We may quake in fear at the thought of such upheaval, but trapped inside most of us is an Inner Wild Child – a free spirit who is longing to break out of its box, however cosy the cage may be. Uranus aims to remind us that every single being who lives on Planet Earth has a unique value that cannot be replicated or substituted in any way.

22 January 2023 to 09 February 2024 CHINESE YEAR OF THE WATER RABBIT

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King Jr. Even the mildest, most modest and self-effacing of people start to hit back when the things which matter most to them are threatened. They might be well mannered and discreet by nature and they may prefer not to cause a fuss, but just watch what happens if they risk losing all that is precious to them. Motivated by strong emotions inherent in the element of water, this year the normally shy rabbit will be prepared to put up a fierce fight in order to defend that which it loves best.

26 January Sun in Aquarius trine Ceres in Libra. Kindred spirit groups might offer original perspectives that benefit your creative projects, especially if you have been procrastinating about how they could be evolved from their current phase of development. But you too could provide a source of support for friends who are looking for someone that is on their wavelength and understands their point of view, however unconventional it may seem to a less sympathetic audience.

27 January Mercury in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries. Unhappy memories could be a significant source of stress in your life. Try not to let painful thoughts about the past dominate your present by filling your mind with doubt and fear. Look at what you have managed to achieve in spite of (and perhaps even because of) your history and keep your brain trained on how to get to where you want to go next. The minute you start remembering how awful things used to be is when you should refuse to pay attention, take a strict stance and bring your focus straight back to the matter in hand.


You may be feeling ultra romantic or sentimental but please try not to be unrealistic in your expectations of other people. Accept them as they are with all their human faults. Fall in love with the actual person, rather than some figure of fantasy dreamed up by your imagination. Make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground regarding matters involving your material security and avoid the temptation to squander your savings on stuff that satisfies fleeting desires.

This is a good time to invest your money in charitable schemes so long as you are sure they are regulated with care and honesty. The one area in which you can afford to dream big is that of making the best use of the gifts you were born with. The sky is the limit on this one and the only curbs on how high you can fly would be fluctuating levels of self-esteem or doubts about your own abilities.

WEEK FIVE 29-31 January 2023

29-30 January Sun in Aquarius squares Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio and trines Mars in Gemini. This could be a key turning point in your life, where you have a chance to make constructive changes which will enable you to move forward without the heavy-duty attachments that have been holding you back. They belong firmly in the past, but because you were so involved with them, it is difficult to walk away without regret. Set your sights on a future which looks so much lighter and simpler now you are free of the complicated connections that were weighing you down. This planetary pattern could be very helpful if you are working with innovative ideas. You might find that your improvisation skills are sharper than usual, which makes it easier to come up with spur of the moment insights that add original touches to your design.

Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. This positive planetary pattern creates potentially profitable outcomes by combining wisdom based on experience with innovative ideas. Your ability to look at something which seemed to be set in stone from a totally fresh angle could be the difference that breaks new ground and changes things for the better. You might be wondering why something so simple and obvious had not been noticed before now! Perhaps because life on Planet Earth is supposed to unfold according to its own organic rules and rhythms so that humans, however clever they think they are, have no choice but to move at the same pace.

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