Astrology for February 2021

All dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time (GMT)

1 February 2021 Venus moves into Aquarius

Venus, planet of resources and relationships, moves into the most revolutionary of the zodiac signs. This suggests that we may see sudden movements in the alliances between people, countries and nations with some unexpected unions being formed while others are broken. These changes could be caused by financial and economic issues but they may also be a symptom of shifting values in society.

Venus in Aquarius prizes freedom and equality above wealth and status. Fancy mansions, big cars and bank accounts do not attract her. She seeks to connect with kindred spirits who share her Utopian ideals for the future of Humanity. She enjoys team and group activities, where everyone is made welcome regardless of their gender, age, race, rank or ability.

This placement of Venus supports any form of unusual or cutting edge talent, and the enhancement of your existing abilities through the use of technology. It also helps you to recognise new ways of engaging with whatever resources you have so that your life becomes more comfortable, enjoyable and fulfilling. A fresh perspective on how to evolve the way you use your talents may bring people who will become future friends, colleagues and collaborators into your life. Your contact with them might be virtual, as their physical location could be quite distant from yours.

From 6-19 February, Venus in Aquarius will interact with planets Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars. The positive potential is for a dawning of some stunningly innovative ideas which combine the principles of art and science so that they are both beautiful and pragmatic. They can help to bring about sustainable solutions to the apparently insolvable issues which have been troubling humanity for generations. Some of these solutions are social, others are ecological.

Needless to say, it won’t be plain sailing as there is bound to be strong resistance to any of the changes proposed, no matter how promising they appear. The challenge is likely to come from those whose popularity and prosperity relies on keeping current methods of generating and distributing wealth exactly as they are.

These systems are well past their sell-by date. They have flourished because they have been allowed to do so. But the time of complacency is over. People are no longer willing to look the other way while a minority of greedy individuals divert trillions of what should be public finances into private fortunes.

The widening gap between rich and poor has become so arrogantly obvious it can no longer be ignored. An outraged sense of injustice will activate social unrest on a global scale which will then trigger the changes that must be made if we are to create a fairer future. It is time for world wide wealth to be equally shared, not selfishly hoarded.

11 February 2021 New Moon in Aquarius

This exciting but rather radical New Moon is a great time to sow the intention to carry out plans and actions that could revolutionise your life. As usual, you must start with a vision for what you want to achieve. But as the Moon will be triggering Mercury, North Node and Mars before it meets up with the Sun to form a New Moon, your scheme should include an element of futuristic far-sightedness. Don’t be afraid to anticipate amazing outcomes but at the same time to trouble-shoot for potential pitfalls, as both extremes could unexpectedly cross your path and throw you off course.

Timing could be erratic due to the energies involved, which would interfere with even the most thoroughly made designs. Try not to be too rigid regarding your expectations of how and when things should happen, or stubborn about the sequence in which your plans must be carried out. As you are building for a result that you have yet to realise, it would be more constructive to view any unforeseen setbacks as a chance to update your methods and materials so as to reinforce the future-proofing of your project.

12 February 2021 Chinese New Year – Year of the Metal Ox

It looks like this is going to be a hard-working year! We will need the steely strength and endurance of oxen made from metal if we are to re-build the social and economic structures that have been ravaged by Covid.

But much can be accomplished if you are prepared to plough forward with equal measures of patience and commitment. And remember that a team of oxen can till a field far faster than a single animal. Find people who are willing to support your efforts, as you are happy to help them with their endeavours. By working together, you will reap more robust results than you could achieve by going it alone.

Problems could arise when strength turns to stubborn-ness. Imagine what happens when two large animals meet head to head in a narrow road with no passing space and they both refuse to give way. Their inability to co-operate with one another creates an impasse which blocks the flow of traffic in all directions – not just for themselves but for anyone else who wants to travel along that path. 

13-14 February 2021 Mercury Retrograde conjuncts Venus and Jupiter In Aquarius

This is a really lovely combination to celebrate St Valentine’s Day, although it does suggests that many romantic moments will be shared remotely, rather than face to face. If you have innovative, money-spinning ideas on how couples can enjoy a candlelit dinner for two with both partners in different venues, you could be laughing all the way to your online banking login.

But if you are not able to spend time, whether virtually or otherwise, with dear ones you can still enjoy your recollections of happy times spent together. Be grateful for those moments. Recognise how lucky you are to have lived through them and appreciate your ability to recall them whenever you like. They will never leave you, they are a living library of loving memories that will stay with you throughout eternity.

17 February 2021 Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus & Moon in Taurus

This could be a key date in the transitional times we are currently experiencing. Decisions made now will have long lasting results, with serious implications for the future of human society. It is an awkward energy that emphasises the conflict which must occur when values and traditions are threatened by forces that are radically different, or alien to themselves. Such forces can be natural, social or political but whichever form the energy takes, it is bound to have an unsettling, upsetting effect.

This particular square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus is especially entrenched due to the fixed nature of the zodiac signs involved. Both planets accept that some sort of adjustment is essential, not to mention inevitable. But they cannot agree on how to implement the necessary changes. Saturn prefers to evolve existing models that are based on tried and tested rules, regulations, procedures and protocols. Whereas Uranus wants to knock them all down, start again and build something completely new from the ground up. Because Saturn is in the sign that is ruled by Uranus, it looks like Uranus has the stronger voice in this argument. And because the Moon teams up with Uranus as this confrontation with Saturn occurs, we can expect populations to be directly involved in the clash between them.

Uranus is urging that we do not have time to tinker about with systems that are well past their sell-by date. We must have something that can be sustained well into the future. Human values are in for a long overdue update. We are putting the planet we depend on for our fundamental needs: air, water, food and shelter in danger. Uranus is forcing us to question why we are risking our future for a stack of stuff which at best provides us with a fleeting sense of superiority, security and status.

18 February 2021 Sun moves into Pisces

We are entering the season of ethereal energies – the stuff that dreams are made of. This is a good time to question your faith in all things mysterious and miraculous. Just because you are unable to experience something with your physical faculties or your 3D mentality does not mean that it cannot exist.

Once you open your mind to the possibility of being able to sense the subtle forces that flow around you and communicate with you via your imagination, the boundaries between your real and dream state are dissolved. Obviously you should be securely anchored in a safe place when this happens. You wouldn’t want to be in a semi-conscious state while crossing a crowded street or driving down a busy motorway.

When you are ready, invisible guides will lead you to a place of peace and sanctuary, where your multi-dimensional mind can wander at will through an endless stream of dreams and visions, potentials and possibilities.

All that is asked of you is that you maintain a strong hold on your sanity, as this will ensure that you continue to discriminate between fantasy and reality. Your common sense will protect you from people who seek to deceive and mislead you or to take advantage of your sensitivity. The second you begin to feel vulnerable is when, like a delicate sea anemone, you should withdraw into the safety of your own energy field, closing the door behind you.

20-21 February 2021 Mercury moves Direct in Aquarius

Cutting edge ideas which have had to be rejected as unworkable could now be brought back to the table for serious consideration. If they appeared odd on first viewing, it could have been because they were slightly ahead of their time. Perhaps so much has changed since you originally introduced them that they now seem to make sense.

It could also be that you’ve looked at your design from a different angle or a fresh perspective and doing so has opened your mind so that you can embrace it as innovative rather than judging it as eccentric.

This placement of Mercury is all about allowing your mental energies to move freely from one place to another, forming random links between seemingly unconnected thoughts and creating a series of original insights and ideas. This is not the time to force your brain to check lists and tick boxes. If you do it will stubbornly resist by refusing to remember the correct sequence of facts and figures! Your mind will be less rebellious if you let it concentrate on inventing new solutions to old problems.

21 February 2021 Ceres moves into Aries

Fertile Ceres moving into energetic Aries can provide the fuel to initiate creative projects as its influence is perfect for goal setting and early phases of design formation. Use it to time table for a series of short term targets which mark specific stages in your progress towards an expected result.

It is important to incorporate an element of competition into your activity, as it will provide a strong source of motivation and drive. You are not striving to win against anyone else, but you are aiming to achieve outcomes that are your best ever and which outstrip anything you have produced until now.

Do not allow yourself to get impatience if things do not happen as quickly as you think they should. You must allow your plans to come to fruition in their own time. If you rush them, or push to finish them prematurely, the rewards you reap will not be as rich as they could have been.

25 February 2021 Venus moves into Pisces

This is the most dreamy and romantic placement for planet Venus. She entices you to engage with your imagination to conjure up castle-in-the-air images of beautiful scenarios. She invites you to paint pictures of idyllic scenes with yourself in them, living life as you would wish it to be.

While there is nothing wrong with creating visions of blissful perfection, they can make you dissatisfied with who you are and what you have. Whereas the true purpose of Venus in Pisces is to foster feelings of unconditional love and gratitude for yourself, your life, and the people in it. She is asking you to embrace everything about you – good & bad, happy & sad – and accept it as a gift from heaven.

This is what is known as a state of Grace. Once you have entered it, all your dreams come true. Your prayers are granted, your visions turn into reality, your life becomes evermore abundant and fulfilling. Never again will you wonder whether you are worthy of love and happiness.

Grace is knowing that there is nothing you can do to make God love you more. And there is nothing you could ever do that would make God love you less.” Robert Brow

27 February 2021 Full Moon in Virgo

This Full Moon could mark the culmination in a process of changing your dreams into reality. You started with an image of how you wanted things to turn out and, because you believed in your vision, what you hoped for is beginning to materialise.

Energies around the Virgo Full Moon could help you to establish new routines which will simplify your daily schedule and move your life forward. They may also boost your ability to update skills, tools, methods and techniques that enable you to function more effectively.

There could be a sense of satisfaction that you have done an extraordinarily good job with the resources and circumstances you have had to work with up until now. There should be absolutely zero regrets or resentments about what could have, should have or might have happened if things had been different.

Your journey along your life path has been plagued with unexpected events. Thanks to the adventurous, adaptable spirit of your ancestors that you carry within your genes, you have proved yourself more than capable of dealing with them. And that is definitely something to celebrate!


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