Astrology for December 2020

Astrology for December 2020

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone

Two signs dominate this month’s astrology: Sagittarius and Aquarius. This gives an adventurous, exciting feel to the period as it emphasises expansion, evolution and forward impetus.

Later in the month, when both Sun & Mercury move into Capricorn, there could be a sense of having to provide the plans and budgets that will enable ideologies to be manifested in real-life terms.

1 December Mercury moves into Sagittarius

There is a big difference between keeping an open mind and believing everything you see or hear. It’s vitally important for you to develop your own belief system. You may have to travel far and wide before you discover what seems to you to be true and, even then, you will not have reached the end of your journey. The truth is a moving target! There will always be more to learn and understand. You will never stop expanding your levels of knowledge and experience.

This particular entry of Mercury into Sagittarius will happen while the Moon is in Gemini, forming an awkward quincunx to Planet Jupiter in Capricorn. This suggests the need to be extra vigilant about the information that is being broadcast around the world. Much of it will be some form of propaganda, promoting the interests and agendas of people in high places. Whether they are political leaders or religious gurus, their messages must be questioned and tested before they are believed.

We must also be aware that Pluto, at 23° Capricorn, is still forming a challenging square with aggressive Eris in Aries. Unfortunately, we are not living in a world of unbroken promises, or agreements between honourable gentlemen & women. Which is all the more reason to form opinions based on your own observations rather on what you’ve seen or heard on social media.

14 December New Moon in Sagittarius – Total Solar Eclipse

There’s a big build-up in the sign of Sagittarius today, as Mercury conjuncts the South Node at 19-20° of the sign and a New Moon & Solar Eclipse occur at 23-24° Sagittarius.

This is a very good time to tune into the positive energy of your ancestors to ask them for guidance on the best way to prepare for the next stage of your life journey. You can draw on their reserves of knowledge and experience to help ease your way forward. You are following in their footsteps, reading the signposts they left to direct you. You are travelling along their well-trodden path with the benefit of their blessings behind you.

They do not wish you to relive the hardships and obstacles they endured. They want better things for you, and they hope you will travel much further than they were able to go. They offer you their courage and the spirit of adventure that urged them to follow their dreams of freedom and enlightenment.

Finally, they want to remind you of the countless times they had to leave places that had seemed like home because the environment had become unhealthy, unsafe, or inhospitable. They travelled until they found a place that offered them a safe haven and a warm welcome. This nomadic spirit resides within your gene pool, and is activated in you when the time has come to move on.

Your ancestors also ask you to take time to meditate on the information they send you, as it must be made relevant to your present situation. Some of what they say is timeless and will always hold true. But some things must be translated and interpreted to make them relevant to where and who you are now.

Because this New Moon creates a Total Solar Eclipse, it would be wiser to utilise your three I’s: Instinct, Imagination and Intuition when seeking guidance. You may need to dig deep to access this internal knowledge but information and instructions dictated by external sources (especially those who claim to be influential leaders) will be far less suited to your needs.

Sabian Symbols for the Zodiac Degrees


  • 19° Sagittarius: “Pelicans menaced by the behaviour and refuse [rubbish] of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young.”
  • 20° Sagittarius: “In an old-fashioned northern village men cut the ice of a frozen pond for use during the summer.”


  • 23° Sagittarius: “a group of immigrants as they fulfil the requirements of entrance into the new country.”
  • 24° Sagittarius: “a bluebird perched on the gate of a cottage”

15 December Venus moves into Sagittarius

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breath, to think, to enjoy, to love.” Marcus Aurelius

As the planet of relationships and resources moves into the restless sign of Sagittarius, you may find yourself being drawn to situations that offer some sort of new experience. Established partnerships could benefit from some fresh perspective. Perhaps both people involved need to go off on a voyage of discovery, either together or separately. The objective is to expand your current levels of knowledge and awareness.

If you are currently stuck in the doldrums about how to make the most of your assets, then it could be time to take a more adventurous approach. This would apply to the use of your natural talents and abilities as well as any wealth you have accumulated. Are there opportunities for expansion, or for being more generous, confident and daring in the way you promote and share your gifts and blessings?

It is extremely important to acknowledge all that is positive and lucky about your life. The more you express gratitude, the more riches you receive. As you open to abundance – you become abundant.

“The key to abundance is to stop needing more, and to start appreciating what you already have.” Author Anon

15 December Chiron moves Direct @ 5-6° Aries

As Chiron moves direct in Aries, we learn more about the self-healing process which teaches us that, although we all live individual lives, we do not need to feel isolated or lonely. While it is true that each of us must experience our own wounds, we are not condemned to suffer alone. Apart from the company and compassion of our fellow Earthlings, we also have access to the great Spirit of Healing that resides within us yet also surrounds us.

Every time a single person has the courage to choose the challenging path to self-healing, they create a form of light energy which influences the whole of humanity. This is an enlightened force which works to release the human race from its dark prison of ignorance, cruelty, pain and suffering.

Sabian Symbols for the Zodiac Degrees

  • 5° Aries: “A triangle with wings”
  • 6° Aries: “A square, with one of its sides brightly illumined”

The next few days 17-19 December 2020, are truly extraordinary seen from an astrological point of view!

17 December Saturn moves into Aquarius

Saturn moves into forward-thinking Aquarius, followed shortly afterwards by the Moon. The ringed planet spent a short time in the sign of innovation earlier in the year, before returning to its more conventional home in Capricorn. But Saturn, the celestial architect, is now fully committed to making the necessary changes required to build a better future for mankind. Some of these plans will need to be bulldozed through, in spite of strong resistance from sectors of the population. Others will be slow to take shape as their effects are designed to endure through long periods.

The Moon moving right behind Saturn suggests that most people are prepared to face testing times, as they are instinctively aware that fundamental changes will have to take place because the old order of things has passed its sell-by date and is no longer fit for purpose. It is only natural that we resist the unknown, because it threatens our sense of security. But there is a growing energy of enthusiasm and excitement about what lies ahead. We could think of it as the period between leaving school and going to university or getting a job. We just have to be patient with the process of moving from one era to the next and trust that it will all work out for the best.

Saturn in Aquarius reminds you that you have responsibilities towards all of Humanity. Your goals and ambitions should not be entirely selfish, but must account for any adverse impact they may make on Society as a whole, as well as on our Planetary environment and its lifeforms.

“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.” Sir Josiah Stamp

19 December Jupiter moves into Aquarius

Jupiter moves into Aquarius for the first time since 2009-2010. We are at the beginning a new 12 year cycle which, hopefully, will expand our current levels of knowledge and awareness. This could be a point where we realise that we are not going in quite the right direction if we want to make real progress. It is an opportunity to learn from mistakes and make modifications that could change the course of events.

Jupiter is amazing in its ability to offer positivity and hope, but it can also make us careless, thoughtless and greedy. We’re always hoping for beneficial outcomes, but sometimes it is too easy to become over-optimistic about how something is going to turn out. Throwing caution to the winds and risking long-term stability in favour of short-term gain is not a wise way to run the human race. This is especially so when the risk favours a small sector of the population at the expense of the greater good. The time has come for Jupiter to insist that everyone and everything alive on Planet Earth is given the opportunity to share in the Abundance that is their birth right. Then and only then will a universal healing take place, paving the way to a far brighter future.

Jupiter in Aquarius brings your attention to your own voyage of self-discovery. You walk alone along its alien path, leading to who knows where. You walk not only for yourself, but on behalf of the entire human race.

A dear friend gave me these words on a bookmarker many years ago, just as I was setting out on my personal journey into the unknown lands of self-awareness, and I’ve treasured them ever since:

“The only key to the Universe is YOU …
The Key to the Universe is your recognition of your own greatness …
When you find this key you find yourself … your key, your path, your way.”
Author Anon

20-21 December Mercury and Sun move into Capricorn

This solemn point that marks the turning of the year holds special significance in 2020. What a steep climb it has been, how we have been tried and tested! Battered and bruised by what has seemed like the boot camp to end all boot camps, we must take time to evaluate the lessons we have learned. We are older and – hopefully – considerably wiser thanks to the challenging experiences we have had to endure.

You have earned the medals and passed the exams that qualify you to enter a higher level of expertise. You can apply all the wisdom you have acquired over the past year to the next stage of your plans in the gaining of your goals. You have proved to yourself that you now have the patience and persistence, as well as the ability, to overcome obstacles, delays and disappointments, to achieve your ambitions.

The Moon conjuncts Ceres and Neptune in Pisces on 20 December, when Mercury moves into Capricorn, and the following day, as the Sun makes its move into the 10th Zodiac Sign, Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. This remarkable blend of heavenly energies reinforces the impression that we are witnessing the passing from one state of consciousness to another.

You will probably be aware of this in your own life. You may have a very real sense that you are definitely done with something that used to be very important but no longer is. You are ready to walk away from it, regardless of how hard you worked for it, or how much it meant to you. It belongs in the past, you don’t need it any more. Your sights are set on another mountain range, whose majestical, mysterious peaks beckon you from afar.

30 December Full Moon at 8-9° Cancer

This full Moon could mark a key stage in a creative project. Perhaps it has already come to fruition and is now reaping some rewards. Even so, there could be a sense that it has not yet reached its potential, and that there is still some way to go. You may feel fulfilled on a personal level, and your efforts are warmly applauded by your family and friends. But you can see there is something that has eluded you, which you must catch hold of if you are to achieve your more worldly goals and gain the respect of an executive audience.

The difficulty is to widen your appeal without losing the purity of your original vision. You do not want to sacrifice its true nature in order to make it more commercial, or business-like. The answer is to keep working with your creation, until you find the formula that provides your plan with the vital ingredient which will bring professional success combined with personal satisfaction.

Sabian Symbols for the Zodiac Degrees

  • 8° Cancer: “A group of rabbits dressed in human clothes walk as if on parade”
  • 9° Cancer: “A small, naked girl bends over a pond trying to catch a fish”



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