Astrology for August 2020

Astrology for August 2020

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone


This lunation, which occurs at UT 15:58 on 03 August favours looking at the things in your life that have been around for a while and could benefit from a freshen up. If you have a project that’s reached completion, it could still be worth making some innovative tweaks before it gets shelved. The point of no return is never really reached, there’s always room for radical change. Invention and improvisation are your evolutionary allies as your future unfurls.

The fact that the opposition between Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius which forms this full Moon is squared by Uranus in Taurus suggests it’s even more important to appreciate that life is meant to be an unfolding process. What seemed just right for you yesterday may not fit the requirements of today, let alone six months into the future!

If you’re working towards finishing something, by all means make sure you understand why you want it wrapped up and done with rather than wondering whether a major adjustment to the project could give it a totally new lease of life.

If, however, you feel that your current situation has stagnated and is therefore preventing you from moving forward, it would be better to walk away – even if there’s a sense of something having been interrupted, or left undone. The point is that it has fulfilled its purpose, which was to bring you to where you are now. Any further engagement with it will reverse your progress and take you in the wrong direction – moving you away from the destination uniquely designed for you and suited to you.

Perhaps you’re reluctant to quit at this stage, because you can’t see any alternatives to what you’re doing or what you have. You’d rather have something than nothing. This sounds sensible, and it’s a solution so long as you stay alert to sudden changes which offer fresh perspectives and options – even if they seem very different to what you expected. Don’t reject them because they’re totally unlike anything you’ve known or done before.

If you’re struggling with a stubborn resistance to the modifications you know in your heart of hearts you need to make, try using this self-affirming mantra:


It’s interesting to note that the Full Moon is at 11°45′ of Aquarius – which gives us a 11/9 energy in numerology. Added together 9 & 11 give us 11 – the Gateway. Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac and it stands for liberty and equality amongst all Earthlings. Number 11 corresponds to Justice in the Tarot. Perhaps we have finally reached a crucial point on our evolutionary path, which opens a Gateway to a new level of consciousness here on planet Earth. Perhaps we are ready to create a society that is more just and equal, respecting the right of all life forms to live in freedom and fairness.


Mercury planet of communication moving into the showy sign of Leo on 5 August at UT 03:31 allows us all to put a touch of performance into the way we express our ideas. There’s nothing wrong with adding a dramatic edge to what you have to say – in fact your message is more likely to attract attention if you deliver it with a sprinkle of sparkle.

But problems begin when the drama is over-stated and everything becomes rather hyper & hysterical. The horoscope for Mercury moving into Leo this month suggests this is something the world will need to guard against. There’s a stressful quincunx between Mercury and the Moon (which has just moved into Pisces), that creates the kind of unreal effect featured in silent movies where gestures and expressions were way over the top in an effort to replace the spoken word. An exact square between Mars & Jupiter generates larger-than-life theatrics that can easily get out of hand. An exact sextile between Uranus & Ceres is another sign of unbridled energy with loads of potential but not much practicality.

A close quincunx between Venus and Saturn suggests that the real reason behind this melodramatic communication style is actually a strong sense of inadequacy. So watch out for people saying things that sound splendid, but actually don’t mean very much or delivering fine speeches which might work well on stage but that have absolutely no true substance in real life terms.


Normally, Venus is the planet of sharing but I feel that the horoscope for her move into Cancer on 7 August at UT 15:21 this month suggests that we may be forced to be more selfish than usual – at least for a while. It’s not that you’ll have to stop supporting those you care about, but you may have to limit the extent to which you have been used to giving.

Venus is just moving out of a conjunction with the North Node in Gemini quincunx Saturn in Capricorn and is forming a cardinal square with the Moon in Aries. This implies that people will have to rely on themselves, their families and their local communities for assistance which will no longer be coming from further afield, or that governments can no longer supply. So it’s as well to reserve your material resources in order to protect and defend your own security. By all means continue to give what you can when you can and of course it is important to carry on contributing your creative and artistic talents wherever they may be needed.


Revolutionary Uranus moving Retrograde in Taurus – the most change-averse of signs – implies that we are in for more unexpected upheavals. Their purpose is to shake us awake and shove us out of the comfort zones that are restricting our ability to evolve. The horoscope for this event on 15 August at UT 14:26 shows just how stressful change can be – which is exactly why we tend to resist it! A tight quincunx between the Sun & Pluto confirms the awkward energy of rebirth, renewal and regeneration. It certainly is not an easy option, but it cannot be avoided, as the alternative is stagnation and death. The healing potential within this time of transition is confirmed by a square between the Moon in Cancer and Chiron in Aries. Again, there’s no denying the pain involved. But there’s plenty of hope held in a lovely trine and 2 sextiles formation involving Uranus, the Moon and Ceres. This suggests that change, however unwelcome at the time, always holds the promise of new life.


The New Moon on 19 August at UT 02:41 favours activities that have a playful quality. Find the fun in everything, no matter how dreary it looks at the outset. Your child-like enthusiasm is the magic ingredient that will make your enterprise flourish and grow into something with real star quality. Radiate confidence and warmth, even if you feel you’re only play-acting to begin with. The horoscope for this month’s New Moon is full of feisty excitement, thanks to a grand trine in fire signs involving Mars & Eris in Aries, the Sun & Moon in Leo and the South Node in Sagittarius. This suggests you can invoke your ancestors to provide you with the courage, chutzpah and carefree sense of adventure required to help you stay cheerful through testing times. A Yod formation between the New Moon, Saturn and the North Node confirms that the world is a stressful place right now. But you don’t need to get dragged down by depressing news. Shine your light and you’ll be alright!

This new Moon takes place between 26° & 27° of Leo. In terms of numerology, that’s between an 8 and a 9. This gives me a sense of leaving something quite substantial that is now fully materialised because of a strong urge to set out on a quest for further spiritual enlightenment. Tarot wise, it would be moving on from Strength towards the Hermit.


Mercury, planet of information, is here to help us make sense of what’s going on. All the data we’re receiving needs to be digested and put to practical use. The energies of this ingress chart on 20 August at UT 01:29 hold some clues as to how we might do that. An earth trine between the Moon in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus indicates that we’re already getting our heads around how to work with the changes which seem to be coming our way on a daily basis. It’s quite simple really: a) expect the unexpected b) be ready to adapt your arrangements c) don’t worry any more than you absolutely have to. A very special quintile between Saturn and Chiron suggests that these tumultuous times carry a serious lesson in self-healing, the results of which may only become obvious further down the line. A fire trine between the Sun in Leo and the South Node in Sagittarius implies that our ancestors are cheering us on – willing us to learn from this important experience now so future generations will not have to repeat it.


There’s some complex energies within the chart for the Sun’s ingress into Virgo this year at UT 15:44 on 22 August. The spotlight is definitely on daily routines and how efficiently they can be organised. The skills, techniques and methods you bring to making your work easier and more enjoyable and the attention you give to making sure you stay healthy are all important at the moment. Try to avoid the anxiety that comes from worrying about matters outside your sphere of influence. Concentrate on living the life that suits you, even if you have to adapt some aspects of it. A certain amount of flexibility is good for you – it keeps you on your toes!

A close square aspect between the Moon in Libra and Jupiter in Capricorn in the Sun into Virgo horoscope, with the Moon moving to quincunx Neptune in Pisces, implies that while people are always willing to listen and understand, they are stressed out by a general lack of clarity. It’s becoming more difficult to deceive them with propaganda and pie in the sky promises. A tightening square from Mars in Aries to Saturn in Capricorn, with Mars then moving to trine South Node in Sagittarius suggests to me that there’s a growing urge to ignore rules and regulations in favour of independent, individual action. People may become less reluctant to go it alone, and less willing to wait for instructions from on high. If this is the case, taking care of your own health and wellbeing becomes even more important.


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