Astrology for April 2022

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Sun, Moon & Planets in April 2022

note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone

list of this month’s planetary placements & patterns

Aries Season started on 20 March and continues until the 20th of this month, when the Sun moves into Taurus. April is a solar blend of Fire and Earth elements, which is very useful for manifesting tangible results. Our vital ingredients are courage and confidence mixed with patience and endurance – the ideal combination of energies for the achievement of high quality, long-lasting outcomes.

The astrology suggests that, overall, this month’s mood is fairly feisty and that care must be taken not to get carried away by over-idealistic, unrealistic expectations. The sensible approach is to base future forecasts on past experience, rather than wishful thinking. Human history has a very important role to play in ensuring that we are able to draw on the lessons learned by previous generations, rather than repeating the mistakes they made.

WEEK ONE 01-07 April


It is time to set your intentions on winning your goals. You are sowing the seeds for success, but you must be prepared to wait for results. Take one step at a time and do not get impatient if you hit delays. Feelings of frustration will drain your energy and drive. A short-term sense of disappointment could undermine your courage and motivation and prevent you from achieving your objective.

The first New Moon of the month is directly influenced by Mercury & Chiron in Aries meaning that anything which begins at this time carries the potential for people to understand how to heal wounds and solve painful problems for themselves. While the process – once learned – is simple and straightforward, putting it into action requires a double dose of daring.

Bravery is needed if you are to take your destiny into your own hands and cut your way through the quagmire of doubt and fear that surrounds you. But others will be motivated by your enthusiasm and drive. You will awaken their initiative and independence, their courage and confidence so they begin to see themselves as the drivers rather than the victims of their own lives.

Your project does not need to be large-scale. It should have a strong, well defined theme that is easy to communicate and understand, which allows your message to spread fast and its instructions be implemented quickly. Self-determination is your focus and self-sufficiency is your goal.


You may be feeling ultra romantic or sentimental but please try not to be unrealistic in your expectations of other people. Accept them as they are with all their human faults. Fall in love with the actual person, rather than some figure of fantasy dreamed up by your imagination.

Likewise with your finances – make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground regarding matters involving your material security. Even when the world is in a state of chaos and confusion, you can still avoid the temptation to squander your savings on stuff that satisfies fleeting desires. This is a good time to invest your money in idealistic or charitable schemes so long as you ensure that they are regulated with care and honesty.

The one area in which you can afford to dream big is how to make the best use of your natural resources – the gifts and talents you were born with. The sky is the limit on this one and the only boundaries to how high you can fly would be fluctuating levels of self-esteem or a lack of belief in your own abilities.

Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, square Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio. This energy seems charged with serious importance. Any moves we do or do not decide to make at this time could have critical and lasting significance which may well change the course of destiny. In your own life, it is imperative that you consider the consequences of your free will choices and their impact on your future before you take action. It is interesting to see that the last time this exact planetary pattern occurred was on 11 April 1817, in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars 1803-1815. Following the defeat of Napoleon by a coalition of European states and countries important social reforms and regime changes took place – which is what we might be about to witness in current times.

WEEK TWO 08-14 April

8-10 April Jupiter in Pisces trine South Node in Scorpio. Mercury conjunct Eris in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn. Invoke the wisdom which resides within your ancestral line to guide your way to the truth and help you clarify any uncertainty you may have about what is really going on around you. It is quite likely that your initial impression is spot-on and that your doubts arise from huge differences between your view and formally accepted versions of the matter.


This placement of the mind planet is particularly good for taking a more laid-back approach. At this stage, you are looking to consolidate and reinforce your current position rather than set the world on fire with a flurry of clever ideas.

This is a time for ruminating over what is really important to you. You might reach the conclusion that peace of mind is more valuable than material possessions which need to be watched over and worried about.

You have learned to value genuine quality for its lasting effects and you choose it over quantities of superficial stop-gaps. In fact, you are probably beginning to recognise that it is the simple things of life which tend to be the most satisfying. One of these could be the pure enjoyment and sense of fulfilment you obtain from expressing your own talents – particularly those which involve your mental and manual abilities.

Saturn in Aquarius square Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio. This is history in the making as human society stands on a potent pivot point between past and future. Hopefully we will be guided by lessons learned through mistakes made in previous times. If not, we have only ourselves to blame. “Been there, done that, never again” should be our motto if we are to preserve the natural environment of our home planet for generations to come.

12 April Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This is an energy of extremes – it could manifest as something positive, hopeful, wonderful and amazing or it might create a huge amount of chaos. Perhaps it will offer both options at once! The instability around you could well increase, which makes it extra important for you to maintain healthy boundaries between you and the craziness. You will be able to see beyond it to the light at the end of the tunnel, but many others will not. You cannot afford to be overwhelmed by their panic and despair for your mission is to act as a beacon of hope in these troubling times. Just keep radiating messages of positivity and peace. Your optimistic outlook will soothe their insecurity and bolster their faith in the future.

14 April Sun conjunct Eris in Aries. It is important to apply this feisty energy in ways which are constructive rather than destructive. You will achieve your goals more effectively by going for assertiveness instead of aggression. Try not to get drawn into conflicts against rivals and competitors as the ensuing battles will only win you enemies. Assume a confident attitude, take a strong stand to defend your own convictions and do not allow anyone to force you into action against your will.

WEEK THREE 15-21 April


This placement of the action planet in the most visionary of zodiac signs could mean that your energy will be engaged by goals that inspire you by stimulating your imagination. You need to feel excited about what you are aiming for, otherwise there will be nothing to fuel your progress towards your target.

You may start to sense a draw towards subjects with an unworldly quality which touches you on an emotional level. Your empathy and compassion for weak and vulnerable souls could be awakened and you might feel motivated to do something positive on their behalf.

Do not be surprised if your physical stamina takes on an ebb-flow quality. You will be able to optimise your drive during its dynamic phase so long as you respect the need to retreat into a rest break when your strength starts to deplete. These random interruptions to your momentum might feel chaotic but they are a vital aspect of a highly creative process. Embrace them, enjoy them, much as you would welcome gentle waves on a beach after a stormy night at sea!


This is the perfect time to evaluate decisions you made earlier – possibly at the time of the New Moon in Libra on 06 October 2021. You might need to compromise on certain aspects of your choices in order to achieve more favourable outcomes. Do not be afraid to ask for advice from others before you seal the deal. Try to maintain a balanced attitude, especially if your emotions are being pulled in opposite directions. A beneficial trine from Saturn in Aquarius to the Libra Moon helps you to trust your judgement, which enables you to select the perfect priorities to match your specific requirements.

But as challenging influences from Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn threaten the harmonious potentials of this Full Moon, you may need to protect yourself against aggressive forces whose ambition is to achieve total control. So long as you strongly support your and your allies’ side of the situation, you should be able to defend your position through a strategic use of diplomatic negotiation, without getting drawn into any kind of active conflict.

18 April Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus. There is nothing very tactful or considerate about this energy combination. In fact it packs a primitive punch which is both thoughtless and ruthless in nature. But like many destructive forces, it initiates the radical yet necessary changes that pave the way for evolutionary events which innovate, transform and regenerate stagnant structures that are well past their sell-by date.


The Sun has now settled into the Earth element of Taurus, making this an excellent time to balance the books and take stock of your situation. Make sure you have the material resources you need to provide a firm foundation on which to build. If they are scarce, do not be tempted to cut corners on quality but try to keep your overheads low. You may have to slow down for the time being, until you have replenished your reserves.

Check that you are putting your talents to the best possible use. They are your raw ingredients which underpin your ability to generate the wealth that is guaranteed to make your life more enjoyable, comfortable and secure.

A true sense of abundance is earned by allowing things to be accomplished in their own time and manner, according to their natural rhythms and attributes. Hurrying and hassling to force results will not produce the genuine quality or the long-lasting outcomes rendered by a more patient pace which honours the authenticity of your commitment. Your motto should be “do it once, and do it well”.

WEEK FOUR 22-28 April

23-28 April Mercury conjuncts North Node in Taurus, squares Saturn in Aquarius and trines Pluto in Capricorn. Simple yet constructive ideas about how to dispel doom, gloom and despondency are supported and promoted by people with the power and authority to make things happen. But it is important that their plans are held to account so that valuable resources are spent on righting social wrongs rather than ending up in the pockets of a privileged elite.

25-27 April Venus in squares Ceres in Gemini, trines South Node in Scorpio and conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. A cornucopia of fertile and creative ideas releases an endless flow of hope and possibility. But ethereal visions and inspiring words are not enough. An accurate, focussed strategy is required on how to define a manifestation process which can guarantee genuine results. There is a good chance that outcomes will exceed expectations but the initial forecasts should still be kept within the realms of reality.

WEEK FIVE 29-30 April


Now is the time for collecting facts, figures, news and intelligence which might come in handy when you have to string a convincing story together. Light-hearted, fun contacts are the order of the day. Fluency in small talk makes your company more amusing and breaks the ice, which then allows you to slip some serious subject matter into the conversation without getting glazed looks in return.

As Planet Mercury’s influence gains momentum in one of its own signs, its ability to help you understand and interpret information is increased. But so too is Mercury’s tendency to fabricate gossip and lies. Be very discerning about any data which comes your way. Do not be afraid to question its validity or check the source that is spreading it. Come to your own conclusions on the subject matter, rather than accepting rumours as alternatives to the truth.


Power is only to be used with very high levels of responsibility, honesty and integrity as it corrupts those who dare to dabble in it for selfish reasons. Pluto in Capricorn insists that people whose ambitions have led them to exploit or abuse others will have to account to their own consciences.

This is a time of retribution when you can try to make amends for any instances where you may have misused the strengths and privileges that have been bestowed on you by the Cosmos. They were not given to you for your personal glorification, but as gifts to share with those less capable than yourself.

Retrograde Pluto is urging you to stop messing about with your personal power and teaching you how to handle its potent energies. Once you gain a sense of the control that actually was never lost to you, you will feel ready to fulfil your true destiny as an invincible seeker of truth and transformation.

30 April NEW MOON IN TAURUS Partial Solar Eclipse

Set your intentions on starting something which is designed to deliver high-quality results. This is a good time to sow seeds for schemes that may grow rather slowly but which ultimately will be well made and built to last. Your gut feelings should be consulted as they have an important role to play in offering constructive guidance on how to proceed as each stage of your project is realised.

Once you have established this all-important starting phase to support and sustain your project as it germinates and evolves, all sorts of exciting and extraordinary events could begin to unfold. Do not be concerned if they occur in an apparently random, chaotic manner (or even back to front!) as this is their true nature due to the strong influence of Planet Uranus on this New Moon. The intrinsic structure and patterns hidden within your creation will eventually emerge and be revealed.

Hopefully you will feel totally satisfied and fulfilled when you recognise the real quality and value of your design, as well as honoured to have been instrumental in bringing it to the earth plane and manifesting it in material form.

Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Aquarius trine Ceres in Gemini. This is a very positive note on which to end the month. Hope reigns eternal as the human spirit shows itself to be capable of immense charity and kindness, light and love. These are the qualities which will ensure that Earth survives as a habitable planet for generations to come.

“We all want a future for ourselves and we must now care
enough to create, nurture and secure a future for our children.”
Afeni Shakur

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