Astrology for April 2021Note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time (GMT)

Main Astrology Events this Month

April opens on an optimistic note with the Moon in Sagittarius moving to form a trine with Chiron in Aries. This could be a positive influence for all things medical, especially if you are actively engaged in any form of self healing or if you are sourcing solutions to your own problems.

As the Moon moves on to conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius and to form trines with Sun, Venus, Ceres & Eris in Aries it is a good time to initiate creative projects which push you to make the most of your natural talents and abilities. It does not matter if there is no outside encouragement, in fact it would be better to be driven purely by your own enthusiasm and competitive spirit. You would be drawing on an inner sense of adventure which has been handed down to you from previous generations in your ancestral line.

A conjunction between Venus and Ceres in Aries sends a flame of fertile and abundant energy to bless the initial stages of all creative projects, especially those which carry a pioneering quality. It is not so much about making something totally new, but schemes that are based on simple, straightforward, easy to execute designs are more likely to win the day.


This placement of mind planet Mercury is helpful if you are keen to create short cuts. Whether you are dealing with information overload or boxes full of unwanted articles, what you need is a one-track brain to show you the quickest route to clarity. Short, sharp bullet point lists are your best bet as they can help you to stay focussed on your main goals. Take one step at a time and stick to the subject in hand.

Do not try to run before you can walk. Start at the beginning and work your way through a series of short-term targets until you reach your desired outcome. Once you have grasped the basic principles of your mission your mind will begin to process data more quickly and you will cover ground at a much faster rate.

It is true, however, that some things cannot be over-simplified. If you are struggling to understand a specific task or topic please do not jump to the conclusion that you are not clever enough to cope with it. The issue itself is probably too complex for anyone – even the most highly educated – to comprehend. It may be a matter which has puzzled mankind since the dawn of time so you can hardly expect yourself to come up with an elementary explanation.

9-16 April, as Mercury makes a series of contacts with Chiron, the Moon, Ceres and Eris in Aries you might find it easier to overcome any negative impressions you have about your own intelligence and education. You could begin to see that some of the brightest and most interesting people did not shine at school. They taught themselves to interpret information and they developed their own way of seeing the world. They learned about life through their own instincts and efforts.

12 APRIL UT 02:30 NEW MOON AT 22-23° ARIES

This is a really hot-blooded new moon, due to the sharp, feisty influence of the Sun & Moon, Eris and Venus together in Aries, all locked into an argument with potent Pluto in Capricorn.

The energy is best channelled into activities which require a certain amount of courage. So if there is something you really want to do but you have avoided starting it because you are scared then this is the time to face your fear. Assert yourself against it, stop letting it block your urge to express your talents in an attempt to reach your full potential.

Declare your intention to hit certain goals over a given period of time. Do not set your targets too high or too far at this stage, be realistic about what you can expect to achieve. You do not need an astrologer to tell you about the challenging state of the world but while it is important to bear these global pressures in mind, they must not be allowed to prevent you from fulfilling your individual destiny.

While you cannot ignore what is going on around you, you should not let it distract you or deflect your attention away from whatever it is you are doing to gain the goals you have identified as the ones you wish to win. You will need single-minded, fiery focus to get you to where you want to go! Your Aries New Moon intention affirmation is:

I know exactly what I want and how to win it. I am energised and excited as I take action to achieve my goals


This is the most stable placement for the planet of values, talents and resources. Venus is very comfortable in her own sign of Taurus, where she is at her most natural and relaxed. She is not interested in anything shoddy or superficial as she is reluctant to waste precious resources on things that for her have no real or lasting value.

If you have been under-utilising your talents and abilities now is the time to recognise their true worth. They must be appreciated as natural assets which can be used to enrich your existence. Apart from providing you with the means to make a comfortable living, they can also offer you satisfaction, enjoyment and a genuine sense of fulfilment.

Venus in Taurus is far more concerned with quality than she is with quantity. While it is true that she is drawn to beautiful, even luxurious, things her desires are driven by her appreciation for harmony, grace and style. A bunch of daffodils artistically arranged in an earthenware mug will give her more satisfaction than an expensive, exotic bouquet wrapped in four layers of plastic packaging.

She can inspire you to simplify your life in ways which clear unwanted clutter, leaving you with a sense of calm spaciousness. She can help to identify what really matters to you, so that you no longer fritter time, energy and resources on stuff that holds little or no value for you. This should have a soothing, stabilising effect in your life as it will give you a stronger sense of what truly makes you happy and contented. Everything else is surplus to requirements.

On 23 April, when Venus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus you could receive a sudden realisation of how much freedom comes from allowing yourself to let go of the possessions, people, circumstances and situations which were weighing you down and sapping your strength. You are now at liberty to invest your assets and abilities in ways that feel authentic, rewarding and worthwhile to you.


This firm focus on the sign of assets and resources enables you to take a long, slow look at what really matters to you. It probably boils down to a few simple fundamentals. Your health, your wealth and your happiness.

If you are honest with yourself, these basic needs are not so difficult to fulfil. They are not dependent on having millions in the bank, flashy cars and fashionable holiday homes or 75 pairs of shoes in a specially constructed closet. In fact this type of asset is more likely to be a source of stress in your life as it has to be paid for in blood, sweat and tears. It tends not to bring lasting satisfaction either, as no sooner have you obtained one status symbol when you begin to wonder whether you ought to be trying to acquire yet another.

Whereas if you are waking up every morning with a genuine sense of gratitude for the physical, mental and emotional enjoyment you derive from being alive you are rich indeed. Good health combined with your natural assets – the talents and abilities you were born with – are really all you need to create a comfortable and contented lifestyle. Once you understand this, there will be no more unrequited cravings, disappointments and desires. Your life turns into a living work of art which is rich, joyful and abundant on all levels.

24-25 April Mercury meets up with Uranus and Venus in Taurus and forms a square with Saturn in Aquarius, confirming the wisdom of re-building your life on principles that value resourcefulness and which respect, protect and enhance the earthly environment. In effect, you are safeguarding your personal freedom by future-proofing your lifestyle to ensure that it can be sustained in the long term, through these testing times of transition.


This placement of Mars is great if your current activities are motivated by emotion. If the effort you are putting into achieving your goals is driven by what you feel, Mars in Cancer can be very helpful. It will be less easy to get going without enough enthusiasm to energise you. It is the eagerness to express your creative urge which will provide the courage and confidence to give your venture a try, even if you are not sure whether it will succeed.

The prize you seek is that of self-fulfilment. This is a personal quest, you are not setting out to impress others. You are competing with yourself, rather than any external rival. You may be trying to do better than either you or members of your family have done before. Your objective could be to inject new life into an enterprise which had run out of steam. Your main motive is to channel your passion into a project that means a lot to you.


Something which has been rumbling away under the surface for quite some time is culminating and probably in a way that is impossible to ignore. This is a potentially powerful issue which until now has been hidden, buried or denied, possibly because no one knew what to do about it or how to cope with it.

As this lunar event places the Moon 180 degrees across the sky from Uranus, Venus & Mercury in Taurus and 90 degrees from Saturn in Aquarius, we can expect some major (possibly serious) events which could be connected to the natural environment and also to money markets and financial investments.

Three days on from the Full Moon on 30 April, the Sun will meet up with Uranus in Taurus. This suggests that the energy around the Full Moon in Scorpio is of a regenerative yet revolutionary nature. Whatever it is that comes to climax at the Full Moon brings a form of fundamental change (some of which might be disruptive) upon which the future is built.

On a personal level, you can use this transformational time to let go of anything which no longer serves you. Perhaps it has taken a long time to accumulate, or your attachment to it comes from the amount of effort and commitment you had to contribute. Nevertheless, if your gut instincts tell you to release yourself from any further obligation to it then that is what will be in your best interest. This would be especially true if you have been hanging on to situations which evoke strong but negative emotions such as hatred, resentment, jealousy and revenge.


We are attracted to power because it helps us to feel in control. But we often fear our own power in case it causes us to behave destructively, in ways which make us feel guilty or ashamed. This sense of foreboding prompts us to throttle back on our true potential and stick to situations that are far beneath our actual abilities.

If you recognise this pattern in yourself, you will probably be feeling frustrated with your life and discontented with your performance. The frustration can emerge as manipulative behaviour, where you orchestrate dramas or embroil yourself in complicated situations which leave you feeling unfulfilled and guilt-ridden.

Pluto in Capricorn moving Retrograde is asking you to stop messing about with your personal power, and learn how to handle its potent force. There will be times when you are strongly tempted by the promise of earthly glory to lower your moral standards and relinquish your Soul’s commitment to expand the energies of light and love.

Although your conscience is warning you not to give in, it can be very hard to resist the urge to appease your vanity and satisfy your human pride. You are involved in a life & death struggle between your Ego and your Eternal Self. This temptation is a test of character. Passing it ensures that your Soul Light will shine ever brighter through the dark ages of crime & corruption.

Your power enhancing, self-protecting affirmation is

I offer my personal power in service of the greater good. My motives are pure, guided by absolute honesty & integrity


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