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Amy Winehouse, roller coaster rider

What does the birth chart of this extraordinary person reveal about her? 

Taking Amy Winehouse as an example, we can look at her birth chart to understand more about her character and personality by interpreting the planetary energies that influence her life.

We could also see what was going on in her horoscope when she released her first album, when she married and then divorced, and when she died.

A comparison between her birth chart planets and those of her husband Blake Fielder-Civil would reveal more about the connections, whether positive or negative, between them.

Amy Winehouse image by dpexcel | Pixabay

Main Themes in Amy’s Birth Chart

Amy Winehouse born on 14 September 1983 at 22:25 local time in Enfield UK (Tropical Zodiac Placidus House System)

A quick overview of a few major points in her horoscope already gives us a lot of information. 

  • Sun in Virgo in 5th House – someone with a strong sense of self, but perfectionist tendencies could make them critical of their own characteristics. They could be inhibited by anxieties about whether they can deliver the precision, accuracy and consistent results they expect of themselves.

  • Mercury in Virgo Retrograde in 5th house – someone who is clever and observant, mentally almost too switched on. It might be difficult to make their mind stop its endless whirring and ticking. Appears not to be listening but takes everything in, and re-interprets it in their own language.

  • Moon in Capricorn in 7th House – someone who does not expect their emotional needs to be met within partnership situations. Relationships carry responsibilities which can feel onerous and restricting. This could be an impression that has been inherited from female role models.

  • Gemini Rising with North Node on the Ascendant. Someone who comes across as mischievous, youthful, chatty and fun but who is not nearly so carefree as they appear. In fact, their life lesson is to lighten up and take things at face value rather than trying to find a philosophical explanation for everything.

  • Aquarius Midheaven conjunct Ceres – someone with the potential for a fertile and creative career path. Channels an original, ground-breaking quality which evokes an extraordinary response from the world, the possibility to be a global phenomenon.

  • Venus conjunct Mars in Leo in 4th house – someone with a strong sense of being born with star quality, charisma and style. Their notable natural talents may be inherited through the family line. 

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Key Dates in Amy’s Life

  • Debut album released October 2003
  • Back to Black released October 2006
  • Married Blake Fielder-Civil 18 May 2007 in Miami
  • 2008 Grammy Awards and Rehab
  • Divorce finalised on 28 August 2009
  • Died 23 July 2011. Local time officially registered as 15:54 at her home in Camden.

These dates would be vital from an astrological point of view as they give important information about how Amy’s horoscope was being triggered at the time the events took place.

Amy married Blake under the influence of Jupiter, which was activating her 7th house of partnerships while Saturn was targeting her relationship planets Mars and Venus in Leo. A comparison between their birth charts suggests that she is by far the more passionate side of this duo, while he might encourage her tendency to self-sabotage.

Her divorce came through as Saturn was passing over her Sun in Virgo, triggering a potent planetary pattern involving her Rising and Setting Signs (Ascendant & Descendant) and her North and South Nodes.

2008 is an interesting example because the astrological influences around Amy were so mixed. Jupiter was passing through the Capricorn sector of her birth chart, bringing her professional acclaim and empowering her financial wealth. But at the same time, her natal Sun and Mercury in Virgo were being rocked by an opposition from Uranus in Pisces and stressed by a quincunx from Neptune in Aquarius.

Amy’s death followed the beginning of a new life path cycle, after her Progressed Moon made contact with her 7th house Birth Moon before moving into the 8th house of death and rebirth. This influence combined with the way Pluto, Jupiter, the Moon and its Nodes were activating her birth chart on the day she died suggests that this sensitive, restless soul was more than ready to be released from her Earth plane incarnation.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when interpreting how a person’s birth chart might be affected by past, present and upcoming planetary placements. It is very important to remember that they must always be read with total respect for the free will of the individual concerned. It is not for the astrologer to make choices and decisions on their client’s behalf.

How a Birth Chart is Activated or Influenced

By another person

The birth charts of two people interact in ways which describe and define the nature of their relationship. The astrology between partners explains how they experience each other.

By moving planets

As the planets continue to travel along through time and space, they trigger sensitive points within a birth chart which usually coincide with specific and sometimes major life events.

By progressing the birth chart

Planetary positions in the birth chart can be moved on, to represent forward progress along the life path. Their influence is felt on an inner level which then manifests in outer events.

A Special Gift for a Special Person

Giving the gift of a birth chart reading or report is a unique way of celebrating special occasions or offering congratulations. It’s also a lovely way to say “thank you”.