Birth Chart Readings

What is an Astrology Reading?

An Astrology, Birth Chart or Horoscope Reading is based on your birth date. A chart or map of the placements of the Sun Moon & Planets as they appeared against the 12 zodiac star groups when you were born is drawn up and used to explain the energies that are yours to use as you travel along your Life Path. More info about astrology …

Readings & Consultations



Your birth chart can introduce you to your true potential and clarify your experiences in key areas of your life. It offers useful advice and guidance on how to make the most of your planetary influences so you can use them to pave the way to lasting happiness and fulfilment.

I introduce you to your birth chart energies and explain how they work, how they may be holding you back and how to make the most of them. Time permitting, we also take a look at current planetary movements affecting your horoscope.

  • Initial Reading £60
    60 minute consultation includes written summary of your birth chart planets
  • Follow-on Readings for Existing Clients £40
    60 minute sessions to explore further or go more in-depth


I look at how your birth chart is being affected by recent, current and upcoming influences from moving, progressed and directed planets in the main areas of your life. We work together to set goals and timelines for your desired outcomes.

  • Initial Reading £60
    60 minute session. Includes written list of key dates covering 3-5 year period.
  • Follow-on Readings for Existing Clients £40
    60 minute sessions to catch up on your current/upcoming situation


Zodiac Compatibility can be applied to personal, family or professional relationships. We would be comparing your birth chart with the other person’s to explain what works and what doesn’t between you.

  • Initial Reading £60
    60 minute session. Includes written summary of relationship/partnership planets for both horoscopes.
  • Follow-on Readings for Existing Clients £40
    60 minute sessions to explore further or go more in-depth


This type of reading focusses on one main question or issue to offer insight and guidance on specific situations. I work from a Question Chart in combination with the Astro Oracle Card Deck I have designed & created myself. You receive images of the cards that come up for you during your reading.

  • 40 minutes £40
    Includes summary of the cards that come up for you during your reading.
  • 30 minutes £30
    Single question reading


If you are a student of astrology, or have a very good knowledge of your own birth chart I can work with you to improve your insight and understanding.

  • 40 minutes £40
  • 30 minutes £30


If you’d like to go ahead and arrange a reading with me, I will need your birth details:

  • time of birth (if known) – local time am or pm in your place of birth
    (if you do not know what time you were born we would work with your date & place of birth)
  • place of birth – town and country
  • date of birth – day, month (spelled out in letters) and year

It is very helpful if you can let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to focus on during your reading. You can give me as much background information as you wish.

Birth Chart Reports

These reports are written interpretations of the planetary placement and patterns in your birth chart. They are produced in PDF format – printing & binding can be arranged as an extra service. They make great gifts to mark special occasions. You could also give personalised astrology vouchers and zodiac greeting cards. more info …


  • Prices quoted are for payment in UK Pounds made by bank transfer to my UK account.
  • Payment is made after your reading takes place or when your report is delivered.

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