A common problem with predicting the outcome of elections using astrology is that there’s so much information, it’s difficult to know where to begin. I’ve learned over the years that the answer is to Keep it Simple. Stick with the basic rules of astrology and you can’t go wrong. But when it comes to working with important events that’s not so easy to do! So often, the astrologer’s feelings get in the way and influence their ability to read exactly what they see. I’ll take the recent UK Brexit Referendum as an example.

The Moon Represents the Electorate

As an astrologer, I could see that the Moon (which represents the mood of the Electorate) would be in Aquarius (the sign of change) on the day of the Referendum. The basic, keep-it-simple interpretation would be: the Electorate will be in the mood for change. Knowing this, it would be wise to expect the upheaval that a Brexit vote was bound to bring. But as an individual with strong personal ties to Europe, I was hoping for a Remain vote and because my feelings were involved, it was difficult for me to stick with the simple truths of astrology. My heart was yearning for a higher expression of Moon in Aquarius and for the UK to Remain united to the evolutionary, humanitarian ideals of the EU. Had I stayed detached and kept to simple astrological rules I would have seen that the Aquarian Moon Electorate was in the mood for radical change – which is exactly what it created.

At the beginning of Brexit Day there was something erratic, eccentric and unstable about the mood of the UK Electorate. A quincunx between Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Cancer suggested that the country was going on the defensive without being completely conscious of its own motives. As the Moon moved on through 23rd & 24th June, it formed a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius and a trine to Mercury in Gemini. This shows that the Brexit campaigners ploy of being economical with the truth & working with simple slogans like “we want our country back” and #TakeControl had done its job. As the full implications of the result were felt later on 24th June, the Moon in Aquarius formed a surly square with Mars in Scorpio, manifesting as an uneasy blend of rebelliousness and recrimination.

Planetary Influences on the Day

A behind-the-scenes influence to this world-changing event was created by a square between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. This energy causes conflict between fantasy and reality and also between hope and despair, which could account for the flakily unrealistic yet heavily pessimistic tone of the Referendum campaign itself.

The communication planet Mercury in Gemini – the sign of news, messages and information – was close to the base of the Brexit Chart, indicating the fundamental role that communication played in the outcome of the event. Everything would be based on messages relayed by the campaigners and how they were received by those who voted. Mercury was in very close conflict with Jupiter & North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces as the vote took place, pointing to the failure of both sides to inform the Electorate effectively. The propaganda from both camps was emotive, idealistic and unrealistic. Nobody involved in either the Leave or Remain campaigns supplied the information voters needed in order to grasp the important details involved in such a wide-reaching decision. There was a slap-dash, inaccurate and immature atmosphere surrounding the campaign and the attitudes of the major figures involved. The pay-back for this superficial approach to such a serious matter came via an acutely stressful quincunx between Mercury in Gemini and Pluto in Capricorn on Referendum day, which unleashed toxic energy as the political plots of the Brexit Boys on both sides backfired.

Mercury’s position on the day could be taken to represent the key role Gemini politician Boris Johnson played in the Brexit gamble because his Sun ruler and communication planet Mercury at 19 degrees of Gemini was closely connected to the Brexit chart Mercury/Base Sign at 16-18 degrees Gemini. Boris seemed to resist taking responsibility for his part in opening a Pandora’s Box of unknown consequences for his country, his continent and possibly his planet. Jokey Jupiter was influencing his Mercury in Gemini throughout the Leave campaign, helping to make his misleading messages sound more convincing but now the planets are about to send him the bill for his buffoonery. Saturn will be pressure-pointing his Gemini planets Mercury, Sun and Venus over the next 15 months and hopefully it will teach him the hard lesson that there’s more to public service than silver-tongued speeches and photo opportunities.

David Cameron’s Sun in Libra is pressured by Pluto in Capricorn throughout 2016, which probably accounts for the sabotaging effect his input had on the Remain campaign. His agenda seemed to be focused on maintaining UK’s position as a monetary world heavyweight, which was perceived by many as protecting the interests of an overly-wealthy rich boys’ club. His message took a rather patronising tone and he didn’t take enough time to explain the full financial impact the Leave vote would have on all sectors of the UK economy. Brexit Day began with Moon in Aquarius opposing Cameron’s Jupiter and Moon in Leo, indicating a result that would ruffle his personal pride and move him out of his high status home at No 10.

There were another series of very powerful planetary influences present as the Brexit Referendum day broke in the UK. Aquarius was rising as the day began, giving the reactionary planet Uranus a strong influence over how events played out. Uranus was in a tight conjunction with antagonistic Eris and over-protective Ceres in the hot-headed sign of Aries. This put an almost primitive emphasis on the dominant energies of aggression, rebelliousness and nationalism and a stressful quincunx from this forceful line-up to vengeful Mars in Scorpio revealed violent undercurrents of unresolved resentment. We witnessed the primeval urge to seek scapegoats on which all frustrations could be blamed in outbreaks of random, misplaced racism following the Leave result.

Significators for Hope

But these potent planetary patterns suggest that had the vote been to Remain, it’s likely that the post-Referendum backlash would have been even uglier and more deeply divisive. And who am I to judge that, even if I saw the Leave vote as a backward step for human consciousness, it won’t turn out to be a key event in our evolutionary process in the long term? A close quintile from the Aries planets Uranus, Eris & Ceres to Venus in Cancer points to the extraordinarily creative potential that lies within the world-changing choice to Brexit. Perhaps it’s the seismic shake-up required to spawn a rich harvest of diplomacy and negotiations that need to take place between individual countries within the EU “family”. This planetary formation could also showcase the special talents that female bargaining power can bring to international relations.

Another hopeful indication in the undeniably difficult Brexit chart is the position of Jupiter as ruler of the horoscope’s Midheaven in Sagittarius, which indicates the far-reaching potential of this event as a significant learning curve in world affairs. Jupiter is in Virgo conjunct the North Node, and it begins and ends Referendum day in the 7th house of collaboration and co-operation. This suggests that the way forward is via Negotiation. Jupiter in Virgo suggests that the work will be painstaking and precise and that it will require humility and dedication from our politicians. They will have to put duty and service before their own ideals. But it will teach them to employ new skills in the art of diplomacy that could move us towards positive progress in worldwide entente cordiale.

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