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The Astro Oracle Deck

I created my own Astro Oracle cards, because I wanted to create a fresh (and possibly more affordable) approach to astrology. This way of working with the planets, energies, houses and signs is different to having your birth chart, or horoscope read.

An Astro Oracle reading is more focused than a session based on your birth chart might be. It can also offer a more precision with short-term goals and timing. The information it gives is quite distinct, as it narrows things down to a specific issue or question.

For example, if we were doing a horoscope reading about a relationship, there would be a lot of data to discuss. The interpretation would be in-depth, taking many factors into consideration. Using the Astro Oracle gives a simpler view which would be more immediate and specific to the current situation. 

Let’s ask the Astro Oracle Deck to answer the question: WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM THIS RELATIONSHIP?

The first card is from the Planets (Heavenly Bodies) section of the deck.

Planet Mars Astrology Oracle CardPlanet Mars comes up, which tells us that the relationship in question is about energy and drive. Sex could also be involved, as Mars points to the physical side of the attraction between two people. Hopefully it will be passionate rather than pushy.

Most importantly, the presence of Mars suggests that this partnership is bringing motivation to the person asking for advice from the Oracle.

The relationship they are asking about could be encouraging them to be more assertive and independent as well as more pro-active and goal-oriented.

The couple could be coaching or prompting each other to get on with what they want to achieve in life.

But we may need to flag up concerns about potential arguments or aggressive tendencies within the relationship. There could be a competitive energy between the partners, with each one fighting for for what they want. Compromise may not come easily to these two, and they will probably have to agree to take turns in coming first. Otherwise, they could be constantly arguing about whose goals should take priority.

We draw a second card from the Elements & Qualities section of the deck

Element of Fire Astrology Oracle CardThe element of Fire comes up, which suggests that there are or have been high levels of enthusiasm, excitement and adventure within this relationship.

It may be that both partners spur each other on to do amazing stuff that they might not attempt on their own. It could also help them to stop procrastinating and start taking the actions they have been putting on hold.

It could also be that they bring out the restless, reckless side in each other, which may not be such a good thing. This feisty energy and fiery passion would need to be channelled into activities that are constructive rather than risky.

We might need to warn about the potential for the partners to get impatient with one another, and to jump to conclusions without waiting for full explanations about why certain actions were taken.

The best way to use this energy is for the partners to inspire each other with courage and confidence, so that they both become bolder and braver than they were before they met. 

The third card comes from the Horoscope Houses section of the deck

4th Horoscope House Astrology Oracle CardWe’re given the 4th House, which indicates that this relationship might be about 2 people creating a new home and family together. Hopefully, this could be very exciting, welcome news to the person consulting the Oracle.

Another positive manifestation of this card would be about how the relationship encourages both partners to express their creativity and to achieve their personal goals. These two could give each other permission to devote themselves to the things they had wanted to do since childhood. 

However, this card could be pointing to some potentially difficult issues. The relationship may echo a family situation involving selfish, impatient or even aggressive behaviour.

Or perhaps there was a rather competitive atmosphere within the childhood home of one or both partners, which made put pressure on them by making them feel pushed and hurried.

Zodiac Sign Leo Astrology Oracle CardThe fourth card is drawn from the Zodiac Signs section of the deck

Up comes the sign of Leo, suggesting that this relationship could have a rather royal quality, or at least the ability to make both partners feel very special. The romantic energy is also strong.

Best case scenario is that the people involved bring out the best in each other. Ideally this will be a partnership between two stars of the same magnitude. But it could be that one partner feels bossed around by the other, so it would be good to agree on who is going to take the lead in any joint activities. 

The loveliest aspect about this card is the promise of possible parenthood. One of the reasons for this relationship could be that it has brought or will bring children into the world.

Leo season is July-August, so that time of year could be relevant within the reading. The sign of Leo may be significant in some way – perhaps it is the sun sign of both or either of the partners within the relationship, or of a child they may have had or are yet to have. It could also be an important time of year for the couple – when they first met, when they married or plan to marry.


If there is time during a reading, we draw more cards to provide further detail and perspective. Too many cards can create confusion and muddy the clarity of the guidance already given. But sometimes the Oracle wants to add some information, or provide another layer of insight into the situation.

Our Clarification Card is drawn from the Heavenly Bodies section of the deck

The Sun Astrology Oracle CardThe Sun Card is drawn, suggesting that there are 2 charismatic characters involved in this relationship, both with their own strong identities and sense of Self.

This could be a perfect pairing of 2 individuals who want rather than need to be together. They would both have been looking for someone to compliment their own qualities and they may both feel that they have finally met their match in each other. This could be the kind of couple that radiates star quality

But the Sun card suggests this relationship could involve a clash of Egos, with fierce competition between the partners for the ruling position.

The way to resolve this issue would be by each of them agreeing to alternate lead and support roles, depending on the circumstances. The important thing is that the relationship should make both partners feel special, boosting their confidence and self-respect. It won’t work well if one character dominates the other, or demands all the attention.

Your Astro Oracle Recorded Reading –  £30 per 30 minute Zoom, Skype or Phone/WhatsApp session

Before you go ahead with an Astro Oracle reading, you would ask your question or let me know the specific matter, subject or issue you’d like the cards to inform you about.

If you want a wider reading, or if you wish to see the bigger picture, a birth chart reading would probably be more suitable.

You will receive images of the cards that come up for you, so that you can continue to work with their guidance and advice if you wish to do so.

Payment is by bank transfer when I deliver your reading and send you my UK account details. If you prefer to pay by Paypal, please add £5 admin fee to the cost of your reading.

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