“The wound is the place
where the Light enters you”

  • Asteroid Chiron sets up situations which enable us, both in our individual lives and as members of the human tribe, to heal the wounds which cause us problems, pain and distress.

  • The sector of your birth chart which is currently being triggered by Chiron is where and how you will feel the call to heal most strongly. The root cause of your problems could well lie in your family history. You may be instigating a healing process which will reverberate through time and space, benefitting your entire ancestral line as well as generations to come.

  • The Chiron cycle takes around 50 years to complete. The last time it occupied its present position in Aries was 1968-1977. This was the time of “flower power” peace movements and anti-war protests.

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Chiron in Aries

The Wounded Healer Asteroid tests your resolve to free yourself from the clinging influence of self-pity. Rather than waiting for others to rescue you from your difficulties, you can be pro-active by taking the initiative in your own self-healing process.

Wouldn’t you rather make positive moves to ease your suffering than sit moping in a pool of pain and misery? So long as you are reaching targets – however small – your courage and energy will remain focussed on your desired outcome. Which is to heal yourself.

Once you have achieved this goal it could be that you find a special role to play in coaching and motivating others to take an active role in finding cures for their ills and solutions to their problems.

20 July Chiron Retrograde in Aries

The most important impact that the Wounded Healer Asteroid Chiron has while it wanders through the first zodiac sign is to test our resolve to resist the urge to feel sorry for ourselves. Of all the energies we could call on in times of difficulty, disease and distress this is the most destructive, for it drains our fighting spirit and turns us into victims of circumstance.

Chiron Retrograde can help you to review the process which brought you to where you are with your problems but only for the purpose of reigniting your courage and determination to outwit the illness (physical, mental or emotional) which might be sapping your strength. You are the motivator, the driver, the director of your own life experience. You are the healer of your own wounds.

24 December Chiron Direct in Aries

When you initiate any self-healing procedure it is very important to remember that motivation is the magic ingredient which will ensure a successful outcome. Your willingness to win against the problems that plague your life determines the extent and effectiveness of your victory.

There may be certain aspects of your process which cannot be carried out by you alone, and that require specialist input from others. Asking for assistance in these circumstances is not a display of weakness, it is a highly sensible move and a symptom of your self-awareness.

The courage and enthusiasm you bring to your cure will enhance the abilities of any consultants, counsellors, therapists and practitioners who come to your aid, helping them to help you to help yourself!


10 May to 28 October and from 20 December Jupiter is in Aries
28 July-28 October Jupiter is Retrograde in Aries

Jupiter’s expansive presence in Aries is bound to boost Chiron’s influence, helping people to feel far more confident about solving their own problems and healing their own wounds.

The energy is brave rather than defiant and optimistic rather than defeatist, creating a “what have I got to lose?” attitude.  This combination of Chiron and Jupiter in Aries last occurred in 1975, when student riots and pro-peace protests helped to stop the war in Vietnam. Young Americans were refusing to throw their own lives away but they also declared their determination not to inflict increased suffering on innocent lives already blighted by social and political problems not of their own making.

Under this year’s interaction of Jupiter and Chiron which culminates in an exact conjunction on 12 March 2023, we could see a surge in movements like those of the 1970s, goaded by frustration and impatience with what is going on in the world and motivated by a can-do attitude towards making things better.

While the Retrograde phase of Jupiter might bring a sense of pointlessness, this will not be permanent. There is no doubt that something very significant is going on and its potential is to spread rays of healing energy all around the globe.

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