Aries in 2021

Planetary Energies, Influences & Key Dates for Aries in 2021

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone



Your Ruling Planet Mars is associated with energy and action. It provides you with motivation and drive. As there is no retrograde motion for Mars in 2021, you should be able to work consistently towards the achievement of your goals.

6 January Mars moves into Taurus Things may feel slower, which might not suit your normally dynamic way of doing things, but at least you get some valuable catch-up time. Spend it on reinforcing the structures that underpin your goals, and improving the strength and quality of your game.

04 March Mars moves into Gemini Use this inquisitive energy to educate yourself, especially in areas that can improve your fluency and communication skills. You’ll learn new ways of putting your ideas into action, energising your marketing style and motivating prospective customers to follow your lead.

23 April Mars moves into Cancer Make sure that you engage with your goals on a personal level. You need to feel excited and enthusiastic about what you are doing, otherwise your energy levels will drop. Tune into your imagination for clear cut guidance on what decisions to take. Hopefully, you will find time to get involved in activities that provide you with creative outlets.

11 June Mars moves into Leo Don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself, as this is a good time to stand in the spotlight and shine. Your leadership potential is particularly strong right now. Others may look to you for motivation and coaching in areas where they lack courage and conviction.

29 July Mars moves into Virgo While this placement of your ruling planet is helpful if you have work that requires accuracy and precision, it might make you more anxious and fussy about things that normally, you wouldn’t worry about. The best way to utilise this slightly obsessive energy is to channel it into making your daily routine more efficient and your health & wellbeing regimes more effective. But please try not to get too caught up in getting everything Just Right!

15 September Mars moves into Libra You can’t expect to have your own way all the time with this placement. At least, not unless you are prepared to negotiate and persuade rather than push people into doing things for you. This is not the best energy for making yes or no choices, but it is great for brokering and achieving win/win deals.

30 October Mars moves into Scorpio Your planet is passing through the sign it used to be associated with until Pluto came on the scene. Most zodiac signs quiver at the thought of real power, in case it overwhelms them. But you are eager to be empowered so long as you can maintain your integrity and sense of control. Your gut instincts will be stronger now, so let your actions be guided by them. Try not to do anything that doesn’t feel absolutely right to you.

13 December Mars moves into Sagittarius You may be feeling extra adventurous – keen to push past your current boundaries and expand your horizons. Watch your levels of impatience and impetuousness and do not take risks without assessing the potential for accident and injury. Channel this fiery enthusiasm into activities that can increase your knowledge of yourself, and of the world you live in.


The impact that the Wounded Healer Asteroid Chiron has on your zodiac sign is to test your resolve to free yourself from the clinging influence of self-pity. As an Aries, you are not keen on waiting for others to do things for you. You would much rather act independently, and this includes taking the initiative in your own self-healing process. You prefer to make moves that can help to ease your suffering than to sit in a pool of pain and misery. You are driven by achievement and so long as you are reaching targets – however small – your courage and energy will remain focussed on your desired outcome. Which is to heal yourself. Your sign has a special role to play in coaching and motivating others to take an active role in finding cures for their ills and solutions to their problems.

The recently discovered dwarf planet Eris orbits around the far-flung edges of our known solar system. She takes around 558 years to complete her elliptical journey around the Sun. She seems to feel most at home in Aries as she spends more time in your sign (123 years) than in anyone else’s! Eris has a feisty energy, and a reputation for causing conflict. Invite her to boost your levels of courage, competitiveness and self-assertiveness, but do not allow her to draw you into arguments, or aggressive confrontations.

20 March the Sun moves into Aries There is always a sense of fresh starts when the Sun moves into your zodiac sign. We have arrived at the first Equinox of the year, and now is the time to set your goals for the coming season. It is usually best for Aries to look for the next signpost, rather than setting their sights too far ahead. Your ultimate goal medal for achievement awaits you while you move through the necessary steps and stages towards it.

21 March Venus moves into Aries This is a good time to celebrate your independence, your ability to take the initiative and your willingness to do things on your own and in your own way. You still love to have company and to share your time and energy, but only if your self-sufficiency is recognised and respected.

04 April Mercury moves into Aries Keep your communication style sharp and direct. Stick to the point, try not to ramble or digress when you are describing or explaining a situation. But as this placement could make you a bit too quick to jump to conclusions, be careful to think before you speak. And be sure to protect your face and hands when you are handling hot pans or sharp objects.


Jupiter & Saturn are in Aquarius, helping your Aries energy to focus on your goals for the future. What kind of world would you like to be living in and how do you see yourself in it? Opportunities could be coming your way within group or team situations. There could be invitations to take on the responsibilities of roles that put you in the key position of motivator, or coach. You may be gaining extra support and respect from your peers, friends and kindred spirits, which will encourage and reassure you. They could be looking to you for leadership, because you have impressed them by your independent energy, bravery and initiative.


Pluto in Capricorn is still putting pressure on the last decan of Aries (those of you born in the final 10 days of the sign). It might feel a bit like a boot camp where your ability to confront challenge and overcome obstacles is being tested. You are forced to cope with situations which, however scary, are transforming you into a stronger, braver version of who you used to be.

Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces

Aries is sitting in a row with some strange neighbours. Uranus, planet of change and innovation, is on one side of you, jumping up and down on the edge of a chair that looks as though it is about to break. The constant disruption is distracting you from concentrating on achieving your goals. No sooner do you seem to be making headway when Uranus creates another commotion, interrupting your focus.

On the other side of you is the mysterious, ghostly presence of Neptune which keeps drifting in and out of your field of consciousness. Sometimes it seems that it has disappeared altogether, yet the ethereal energy haunts you like an elusive perfume or melody. Neptune’s influence has a destabilising effect on you, filling you with vague doubts and draining your determination to finish what you started.

The best way to cope with this weird pair is to accept them as a way to test and sharpen your life skills. Uranus can train you to concentrate on your goals, no matter what craziness is going on around you. Neptune can help you build resistance against nebulous fears that sap your confidence, independence and motivation.

13 May-28 July Jupiter is travelling in Pisces While your levels of psychic awareness could be getting a welcome boost, you may find some of its influences far too intrusive for your liking. You’re not keen on the kinds of unwanted dreams or visions that confuse you and undermine your confidence. You would rather the Beings from other dimensions checked with you first before inviting themselves into your life, no matter how important the information they wish to share with you.


The North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius are supportive of your sign. They are suggesting it is a good time to tap into the more positive inherited energies within your ancestral gene pool. These would be self-belief, optimism, positivity and a sense of adventure – qualities which can ease and enhance your journey along your life path. They encourage you to develop mobility and communication skills that can be used to teach, coach and motivate. They also add to your sales and marketing abilities. Read more about the Nodes, and their influence in your birth chart.


28 March Full Moon in Libra This is a good time to evaluate decisions you made earlier. You might need to compromise on certain aspects of your choices in order to achieve more favourable outcomes. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from others before you seal the deal.

12 April New Moon in Aries It’s time to set your intentions on winning your goals. You’re sowing the seeds for success, but you must be prepared to wait for results. Take one step at a time and don’t get impatient if you hit delays.

6 October New Moon in Libra This is the right time to initiate a new basis for partnership projects. You’re looking to collaborate on 50/50 equal shares terms, with both sides balancing the amount they give and take.

20 October Full Moon in Aries The goals you set earlier in the year (perhaps at the New Moon in Aries) could be coming to fruition. Something you have been intent on winning may be achieved, if not fully then at least to the point where you can be sure of having reached the first stage of completion.

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