Aquarius Season

Aquarius Season 19 January-18 February 2021

This time is especially interesting because of all the planetary activity in the 11th zodiac sign. Giant planets Jupiter, Saturn and Messenger planet Mercury are already active in Aquarius, Mercury is moving retrograde in Aquarius on 30 January, money planet Venus is moving into the sign on 01 February and there is a New Moon in Aquarius on 11 February.

We can therefore anticipate significant changes in direction regarding the future of humanity. Innovation is the order of the day and we should expect to see the initial seeding of substantial reversals in ideas and ideologies around political systems and social structures. As with all major change, there will be resistance which is the energy that will hold things back and make the transition from one era to the next more turbulent than it needs to be.

Evolutionary Uranus – the ruling planet of Aquarius – is currently passing through the sign of Taurus. When Venus – ruling planet of Taurus – moves into Aquarius on 01 February, Uranus and Venus will be in mutual reception (in each others’ signs). This collaboration will help us to accept that the foundations of key sectors in society are crumbling. They are no longer fit for purpose and therefore need to be replaced and rebuilt. This is particularly true of financial and business sectors where wealth distribution is wildly unequal. The hoarding of abundance and plundering of natural resources must end if we are to avoid social and environmental disaster.

Aquarius Season 2021 is likely to be when the seeds of great shifts in human society are sown, and start to take effect. February’s New Moon shows the Sun, Moon and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius, square to Mars in Taurus, indicating the need for sustained effort and collaboration if controversial yet essential changes are to be pushed through. They will require commitment on a global scale if they are to be truly effective in the long term. Some may say “impossible!”, I would say “let’s hope for the best”.

The Lunar New Moon on 12 February marks the Chinese New Year and 2021 is the year of the Ox, an animal venerated in Eastern Asia for its “Buddist Nature”, patience, endurance, and altruism. The element of 2021 year is Metal, which reinforces the strength, structure and commitment of the Ox qualities. I would suggest that this, combined with the presence of Saturn in Aquarius, stresses the important role that global corporations will play in reforming society. It could be that, due to their enormous wealth and influence, they are best placed to create new models for trade & business that will revolutionise the current values of commercial enterprise. Hopefully such models will prioritise the wellbeing of the people they serve and employ over the size of their profits.

Energies that define the 11th Zodiac Sign


Aquarians are the inventors of the zodiac. Born to bring in new ideas and fresh perspectives, they can have an evolutionary quality. Sometimes it seems as though they come from the future to make changes to the present that will adjust the course of history. For many Aquarians, freedom is the most important ingredient as far as personal fulfilment is concerned. Freedom from disease, oppression, confinement, drudgery. They expect it for themselves and they are often prepared to fight for it on behalf of humanity. Freedom can be the motivating factor that fuels Aquarians’ innovative ideas.


Aquarians can be stubborn, rigid and dogmatic. Their tendency to contradict and argue is non-productive and often ends up causing trouble rather than resolving it. Their behaviour can be unpredictable and difficult to explain. Their apparent lack of empathy for those close to them contrasted with their willingness to campaign tirelessly for collective causes is especially hard to understand. The song “Easy to be Hard” from the 1960’s hippy musical “Hair” sums up this perplexing paradox.


As Aquarians are usually very intelligent, they often feel isolated from the common herd. One of the great lessons for Aquarius is to have tolerance for those whose brains operate at a lower frequency. They also have to learn not to be disillusioned by the time it takes for their viewpoints or ideas to catch on. They are usually at the cutting edge of their era, and they must accept the loneliness that comes from being ahead of the curve. Their true calling is that of group leader. They do not crave the status or recognition that comes with positions of autocratic power. They just require the reassurance that they are helping to make a difference and that they are contributing to the greater good of their team or tribe.


The Planet of Change and Evolution is not an easy task master. His abrupt, abstract and often obscure style is difficult to interpret and follow. Information is presented randomly, without any obvious sequence or form. This is why Aquarians are often described as outside-the-box, unconventional, lateral thinkers. Uranus does not like lists, forms, rules or regulations that instil obedience and conformity as he is far more interested in freedom and the ability to invent new ways of doing things. But this Uranian lack of respect for structure and authority can cause trouble for the more rebellious type of Aquarian, who often has to learn to change the system from within instead of attacking it from without.


Naturally friendly and egalitarian, this Moon Sign is most comfortable in the company of kindred spirits. Exclusive, one-to-one connections can feel claustrophobic and close encounters of the passionate kind are often avoided. This is because they tend to bring out the worst characteristics of the Aquarian Moon, which can be quite cold, unsympathetic and dismissive of intense emotions. Under pressure, there is also a tendency for Aquarian Moon moods to change abruptly, or unexpectedly, which is very difficult for any erstwhile partner, parent, sibling or child to deal with. This Moon is at its best in team, group or tribal settings where joys, woes and hopes for the future are shared and no single individual is expected to sort out messy situations.


First impressions are of an original, unconventional character. There’s usually something unusual about the form of someone with this rising sign. It could be that their physical body is unique in some way or they may dress in a distinctive style which separates them from the common herd. They may identify with a specific social group, tribe or cult, in which case their outward appearance and approach would reflect this allegiance. Although Aquarius Rising is not the easiest ascendant to get along with, these people are able to bring much needed fresh air into stale situations. They offer original insights on old issues and their futuristic perspectives can re-boot outdated, stagnant viewpoints.


The biggest problem with the 11th zodiac sign is its tendency to believe that it is all-knowing. This brings an intellectual arrogance which is coldly dismissive of any truly humanitarian qualities such as love and compassion.

Three examples of the primitive Aquarian type are: Kim Jong-il, Nicolae Ceausescu and Grigori Rasputin. Jong-il and Ceausescu both distorted the egalitarian and democratic ideologies that are always associated with Aquarius, by turning them into repressive, totalitarian dictatorships which destroyed their countries and their peoples. Rasputin relinquished his original mission as mystical healer of peasant populations to become mind-manager of the Russian royal family. All three individuals played key roles in creating rather than relieving human suffering, which is the ultimate goal of the evolved Aquarian.


This is a long and impressive list of remarkable people who either brought exceptional gifts to the world – for example: child prodigy musician and composer Wolfgang Mozart – or changed the course of history in very Aquarian ways. Abraham Lincoln was instrumental in the abolishing of slavery. Charles Darwin turned science on its head by proposing his theory of Evolution. In more recent times Aquarian Oprah Winfrey has revolutionised the television talk show format by evolving it into a platform for sharing individual human experiences. Another Aquarian, Ellen de Generes, broke new ground by coming out as a lesbian in an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

For more examples of extraordinary Aquarians visit website and search for star-sign/aquarius.

Aquarius in the Tarot

Aquarius & the Tarot

As an Air Sign, Aquarius is linked to the suit of Swords. I would select The Queen and Ace of Swords to illustrate the cutting-edge intelligence of the sign, as well as its ability to produce innovative ideas. The negative aspect of Aquarian energy is shown by the 8 of Swords – where an idea or ideology becomes so entrenched that it begins to restrict rather than enhance freedom of thought. The 9 of Swords warns about what can happen to Aquarians when their beliefs become negative or fear-filled and they are kept awake at night by the complicated and contradictory movements of their minds.

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