Aquarius in 2021

Planetary Energies, Influences & Key Dates for Aquarius in 2021

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone



Your Ruling Planet Uranus is associated with innovation and change. It provides you with the urge to evolve and an interest in the future of humanity. The retrograde phases of Uranus help you to resolve and integrate energies or events which have happened randomly or unexpectedly.

Because your Ruler is an “impersonal” planet astrologers see it as a global influence, affecting generations and nations. But much of the Uranus Effect we see at work in the world is reflected in the lives of individual people, especially if they are born under the sign of Aquarius.

Moving through the stolid sign of Taurus, unpredictable Uranus is raring to revolutionise us in ways that we won’t be able to ignore! His objective is to evolve us by waking us up and shaking us out of our comfort zones, even if the only way to do that is by making the ground move under our feet. Many of us will quake in fear at the thought of such upheaval, but trapped inside all of us is an Inner Wild Child, a free spirit who is longing to break out of its box – however cosy the cage may be.

Going against the flow, daring to be different and upsetting the apple cart are activities that might mark you as a misfit. But yours is the zodiac sign with the rational minds and intellectual skills which will help humanity cope with the unexpected, unknown, untried and undiscovered events that Uranus has in store for us. We look to Aquarius to keep us in the know and help us to see how our world will look in future, following this time of turbulent transition.


One of the biggest problems with the current placement of your Ruler in Taurus is that of things being done or taking place far too suddenly. Either because some bright spark has a lightbulb moment and assumes their idea will revolutionise the world, or events take an erratic turn and contradict all the forecasts for how things should happen. Whatever the cause or reason, the underlying issue is lack of basic preparation.

While Uranus travels through Taurus, there is a tendency to ignore the importance of firm foundations. Whether you are building an abstract concept or a bridge across the Amazon river, you still need to structure the process of your project. By the time Uranus moves Retrograde in Taurus on 20 August it will become obvious that major modifications to existing systems which were forced through without adequate preparation will be causing unrest – possibly to the point of rebellion. It could be that these concerns will not be calmed down before 18 January 2022, when Uranus moves direct in Taurus. Hopefully by then there will be less spur of the moment improvisation and more carefully considered conscious control over the process of implementing necessary change.



Serious Saturn moved into your sign late last year, suggesting that the next two years will be demanding, but their purpose is to help you focus your efforts on the future. As human society and its systems travel through the transitions that mark the end of an era, you will be formulating plans for success in the coming times.

23 May Saturn moves Retrograde in Aquarius Long term strategies for future success may need to be put on hold or revised in some way. Innovative ways of doing things could prove unfeasible but don’t give up, just keep trying to find ways of making them work. It is possible they are slightly ahead of their time. In which case they may have to be shelved for now, and replaced by interim back-up plans.

11 October Saturn moves Direct in Aquarius The struggle to plan for changing times continues, but it brings about important and lasting innovations which will serve future generations. If you are a champion of forward-thinking schemes for business and industry, do not be put off by negative judgement of your ideals or criticism of your hopes for a better world.

Jupiter spends most of the year in Aquarius, bringing an atmosphere of huge change and the promise of plenty of new things appearing over the horizon. These could be coming to you in the form of team or group situations or in the guise of kindred spirit connections. 2021 is a good year for you to expand your understanding of new technologies and your experience of cultures and customs that are very different to yours. My advice would be to try anything that turns up or crosses your path, however strange or unconventional it may appear to begin with.

28 July Jupiter Retrogrades into Aquarius It may seem as if learning curves which were helping you to see further into the future are unravelling, or travelling backwards. But this is only so you can collect extra knowledge and experience before you resume your journey. Jupiter will move forward again in your sign on 18 October, staying there until 29 December 2021. So, you will have plenty of time to search for options and opportunities to take you into the future!


08 January Mercury moves into Aquarius This placement is great for learning something completely new, changing your view of things and coming up with outside-the-box ideas. It is helpful if you’re hoping to connect with kindred spirits (possibly from very different backgrounds to your own) in your neighbourhood, and it should support your attempts to network or work with colleagues within group and team settings. But be on the lookout for sudden changes of direction that could affect your health and wellbeing or interfere with your daily routine. Pay attention when you’re out and about in case of unexpected or accidental events.

19 January Sun moves into Aquarius Once you accept that your life is yours to control, direct and create you can get started on deciding what to do with it. Follow your own star, dare to be different, dazzle the world with your unique quality and style. You can determine your own destiny! The future is yours to fulfil.

30 January Mercury moves Retrograde in Aquarius Don’t get too fixated on any specific idea or viewpoint, or too attached to any particular routine, regime or timetable. You may have to change your mind about it completely, due to the sudden arrival of new information, unforeseen developments or shifting perspectives.

01 February Venus moves into Aquarius Looking at innovative ways to apply your talents & abilities could give you access to new admirers, possibly within group and team settings. If you’re looking for love then choose someone with a kindred spirit quality. Your friends could turn out to be your top ambassadors.

21 February Mercury moves Direct in Aquarius Continue your contact with people who are teaching you to think outside the box. It’s possible that your more unusual ideas and innovative skills which until now seemed to be ignored (probably because they were slightly unconventional or ahead of their time) are coming into their own and beginning to resonate with a more receptive group of kindred spirits. These abilities could now be acknowledged and labelled as efficient, effective, useful and helpful.


Chiron & Eris in Aries

This energy combination is a useful ally to call on as your self-healing process unfolds. Chiron is helping you to confront and clear the painful wounds that hurt you and make you unhappy. Whereas feisty Eris is urging you to assert yourself against the enemies who threaten your freedom and independence.

Their influence is urging you to become the kind of humanitarian healing warrior who supports and defends those less able to stand up for themselves. For this reason, you may be drawn to forward-thinking movements with evolutionary ideas about creating systems that respect all life forms and protect their individual interests.


The nebulous influence of Neptune in Pisces is magnified when Jupiter moves into Pisces 13 May -28 July this year. This is not an easy energy in your life, as it brings doubt and confusion. True that it is also inspirational, but in ways which are difficult to interpret. Aquarians take a scientific approach to life. As soon as something seems logical to you and you can apply rational explanations to it, it becomes raw material to your inventive intelligence. You can evolve it to a higher level of usefulness. But you don’t like dealing with vague visions or evasive answers. You are irritated when you can’t get a straight forward response to a simple question. For example, when you ask how long it will take to bake a cake, “oh … well … it depends ……” is not what you want to hear. “It depends on the recipe, the temperature of the oven and the size of the cake tin” is much more your style. You now have a series of well defined variables to work with!

Nothing much is clear-cut while Neptune and Jupiter are wandering about in Pisces so there is no point in trying to evaluate this insubstantial energy or translate it into 3D terms. You just have to accept its elusive nature, and understand that it is “such stuff as dreams are made on”. It is providing the raw material for inventions that, channelled through minds like yours, will take shape in future times.

Pluto in Capricorn Aquarians tend to have an uneasy relationship with authority, especially when it manifests as privilege and power abuse. Your sign is the most humanitarian in the zodiac and it offends your intelligence to see one group of people oppressing and exploiting another. In your ideal world, every life form would have equal status and the earth’s resources would be shared equally among them.

In these times of great transition, where the old-established hierarchies of power and influence are being exposed as cruel and corrupt, you have a very challenging yet important role to fulfil. You are not expected to single-handedly change society, or risk your life by raising a rebellion against those in high places. You are simply being asked to make subtle personal changes which will, over time, transform the human race and evolve it into a more advanced version of itself.


The North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius are supporting your progress along your life path. You can draw from the reserves of knowledge and experience stored within your gene pool to help you fulfil the destiny that brought you here to assist humanity through these turbulent times of transition. Your Aquarian mission is to use your innovative intelligence in ways which will help create systems that are simple to follow and easy to understand. You could be especially good at navigating short-cuts through situations which have become far too complex or unwieldy. You can lead lost souls out of the maze they have been wandering around in for quite some time. Read more about the Nodes, and their influence in your birth chart.


28 January Full Moon in Leo this is the right time to celebrate and be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished so far. You have proved your potential, you are aware of what you are capable of and you are ready to take your rightful place on the world stage.

11 February New Moon in Aquarius Your intentions should be focussed on the future. It is time to sow the seeds for projects that could continue to reap rewards many years from now. Your plans should contain an innovative element or incorporate significant updates, even if you are working with something that has already proved to be successful.

24 July Full Moon in Aquarius This is the 1st of two Full Moons in your sign, which emphasises the importance of originality & innovation in major areas of your life. It is possible that things are turning out rather differently from how you were expecting them to. For this reason, you could be making radical changes or updates to your plans in order to bring them to fruition.

08 August New Moon in Leo At the end of the day, everything begins with you. You are the Captain of your own enterprise and it is up to you to make a success of your life. This is the right time to set your intentions to create plans for showcasing your originality, for that is the unique gift you have to offer the world.

22 August Full Moon in Aquarius the 2nd of two Full Moons in your sign this year, pinpoints the role that teams and groups could play in bringing your projects to fruition. The helpful support of friends and kindred spirits who share your ideals and your hopes for the future may also be relevant to your overall success.

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