All about Zodiac Sign Libra

Sun Sign Libra

LIBRANS ARE * Artistic * Agreeable * Analytical * Charming * Diplomatic *
* Fair * Impartial * Indecisive * Irresolute * Persuasive * Polite * Refined *
*** STYLISH ***


  • Librans are natural-born diplomats as they are always able to see the other point of view.
  • Librans aim for Harmony in all things, and they hate injustice. They tend to resist confrontation, and they dislike ugliness and any kind of unpleasantness.
  • Charming, talented and attractive – Librans make very appealing company. They like to please others as it’s important for them to feel liked.
  • Librans’ tendency to procrastinate, and their habit of asking advice from everyone and then ignoring it can be irritating and confusing.


The kidneys and the hormone system are potential health-problem areas for this zodiac sign. It’s important to track any influences that threaten to throw Libra out of equilibrium. Early warning signs could make all the difference, so that steps can be taken as soon as possible to bring things back into balance.


Money is something to be desired for its ability to make life more pleasant, harmonious, interesting and glamorous. Librans need a level of income that enables them to avoid having to live in uncomfortable surroundings or ugly atmospheres. This sign doesn’t mind sharing and is content to co-operate and collaborate with partners on financial arrangements.


Libra’s character is influenced by the planet of peace and harmony. Librans prefer people to get along and they are not comfortable with confrontation. They believe that it’s very important to be fair and just. They have a talent for seeing things from both sides, which helps them to co-operate, collaborate negotiate and consult with partners. But this does not stop them from being pro-active when it comes to getting their point across. Librans can be quite persuasive when they are cajoling others to agree with them and give them what they want.


Pro-active Cardinal quality combined with sociable Air energy makes the 7TH zodiac sign keen to interact with others. Librans tend to feel lost and unmotivated without a partner to encourage them and to discuss their aims & ambitions with. They value the feedback they receive, as this helps them to weigh up the pros and cons of the choices and decisions they are trying to make.


The Seventh Zodiac Sign is interested in interacting with others. It prefers to acquire answers and advice before making a choice or coming to a decision. As this is not a self-motivated sign, Libra tends to look to partners to provide the push that’s needed to get things moving. Even though Librans are capable of setting their own goals, they usually seek second opinions before they let themselves start the achievement process.


The Libra House is all about relationships, both personal and professional. It shows attraction and compatibility between people and it indicates the ideal choice of marriage or life partners. It can point to an ability to negotiate with others, as well as an aptitude for a counselling or support role. This could be seen as the house of mirrors, as the qualities of planets placed here are reflected back to their owner through the behaviour of the people they are involved with.


Librans are drawn to professions that allow them to co-operate and collaborate as well as to give and receive feedback. Their personal charm and PR talent along with their ability to accommodate others support their climb up the corporate ladder. They shine in roles where they can demonstrate their love of fairness, their appreciation of art and beauty, their knack for negotiation and their capacity for counselling. But they may need to watch a tendency to lay back on their laurels, while their more competitive rivals push past them.

The Three Decans of Libra

Each zodiac sign is 30 days long and is divided into three Decans of 10 days each.

1ST DECAN is double LIBRA, influenced by Planet VENUS While this is the most gracious, charming and attractive section of the sign, it’s also the one that worries most about the responses and reactions of others. The need to know that everyone else is ok with their conduct and comportment can get in the way of 1ST Decan Librans’ ability to assert themselves and carry out their goals.

But the seductive influence of Venus on this Decan ensures that this type of Libra will usually end up having their cake and eating it too. They seem to know exactly how to cajole others into seeing things from their point of view. They have a way of persuading partners to believe that any shared decisions and joint goals are entirely for their own good whereas actually, it’s often the Libran consort that benefits from the best side of the deal!

2ND DECAN of LIBRA is influenced by AQUARIUS and Planet URANUS This is Libran energy at its most cutting-edge. This section of the sign is likely to produce intelligent and outside-the-box ideas that create an elegant combination of art and science. There’s also a unique and unusual sense of style that helps the 2ND Decan Libra to stand out from the crowd.

The innovative influence of Uranus on this Decan brings an ability to offer fresh perspectives, especially in situations that have reached a stalemate. But there’s an argumentative tone to this type of Libra which can make them awkward to get on with. Bonded to their principles and wedded to their ideals, they are less ready to compromise, negotiate and co-operate than the other two Decans.

3RD DECAN of LIBRA is influenced by GEMINI and Planet MERCURY Librans of this Decan tend to be rather fond of the sound of their own voice. And with good reason since it will probably be a charming one to listen to. There could be a talent for oration and a knack for persuading any audience to agree with what is being said.

Mercury’s influence on this type of Libra indicates a flair for communication and an understanding of how to deliver information to others so that it comes across as exactly what they were hoping to hear. The problem will be to pin the 3RD Decan Libran down to some sort of unequivocal statement of fact that isn’t hedged about with caveats and conditions.


ROMANTIC: Librans are more comfortable in a partnership situation and they have a tendency to be over reliant on relationships.

FRIENDSHIP: Librans can become obsessed with their popularity rating. They require reassurance of their own attractiveness and likeability from their friends.

FAMILY: So long as everyone is getting along Libra enjoys family life. They will either avoid family squabbles, or take on the role of peace-maker.

PROFESSIONAL: Librans make ideal partners as they prefer collaboration to going it alone.

KEY RELATIONSHIP: is with their Significant Other. Libra prioritises their key relationship above just about everything else in their life.

Compatibility between the Zodiac Sign Elements & Qualities

Compatibility between the Elements FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER Astrology suggests that it is easier for the signs of one element to get along with one another, as the energy that drives them comes from the same source. But that doesn’t mean that relationships between signs from different elements are doomed to fail, although it might take longer for them to understand and accommodate the differences between them.


LIBRA with FIRE SIGNS The elements of Air & Fire complement each other very well. Timing is important, however as things can happen too fast & misunderstandings can occur.

  • ARIES Although it’s an attraction of opposites, this partnership can work so long as Aries is prepared to co-operate when Libra asks for compromise.
  • LEO These two both know how to turn on the charm but Libra’s flirtatiousness threatens Leo’s need to feel that no one else matters.
  • SAGITTARIUS These two share a love of justice but Sagittarius wants to hit targets while Libra’s angling for a harmonious outcome.

LIBRA with EARTH SIGNS Pair-ups between Air & Earth Signs can be a bit dry unless there are shared interests, ideals and activities to provide the passion.

  • TAURUS Provided their tastes coincide, this relationship stands a good chance. Both these signs appreciate harmony and beauty and neither likes to be pushed outside their comfort zone.
  • VIRGO This couple could whip themselves up into a peak of perfectionism. Libra dreads making the wrong choice and Virgo is terrified of making a mistake.
  • CAPRICORN It’s an approach issue. Libra prefers to use diplomacy while Capricorn chooses to sue.

LIBRA with FELLOW AIR SIGNS Air Signs share an interest in information and communication, but if everyone is speaking their own words or thinking their own thoughts, then who’s listening?

  • GEMINI This is a great PR partnership. Libra is charm personified and Gemini has the gift of the gab but their socialising leaves little time for their relationship.
  • LIBRA Will somebody PLEASE make up their mind!
  • AQUARIUS This is a principled pair when it comes to fairness and equality. They can create the ideal relationship so long as they remember to include some emotion.

LIBRA with WATER SIGNS The elements of Air & Water can work well when there is a sharing of creative ideas. Air signs help the water signs to put their ideas into words, and water signs help air signs to express their imagination.

  • CANCER Both partners need to understand the bottom line of this dynamic. Which is: Libra thinks with their mind – Cancer with their heart.
  • SCORPIO This is an intelligent pairing if Libra can cope with Scorpio’s strong opinions and Scorpio can work with Libra’s tendency to procrastinate.
  • PISCES So long as nobody’s in a hurry to go anywhere or get anything done, this is a sympathetic and sweetly romantic combination.

Compatibility between the Qualities CARDINAL, FIXED & MUTABLE Traditional Astrology used to believe that it would be difficult for signs of the same Quality to get on with each other. Actually they are perfectly capable of bringing out the best in one another. But relationships between them can be challenging for both partners, as disagreements can arise when their energies clash or turn confrontational.


LIBRA COMPATIBILITY with FELLOW CARDINAL SIGNS ARIES, CANCER & CAPRICORN It’s a question of motivation. The four cardinal signs share an enthusiasm for setting goals and the potential for encouraging one another to achieve their ambitions. Difficulties would arise if the cardinal urge to compete cropped up, creating rivalry within the relationship about who should lead and who should follow.

CARDINAL LIBRA with FIXED SIGNS TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO & AQUARIUS It’s a question of outcomes. Cardinal signs insist on identifying goals and time lines as they expect to see results sooner or later. Fixed signs tend to get caught up in an ongoing situation and will prolong the process in order to stay involved with it. But Fixed signs can provide the patience that Cardinal signs sometimes lack and Cardinal signs can help Fixed signs to avoid becoming stale and stuck.

CARDINAL LIBRA with MUTABLE SIGNS GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS & PISCES It’s a question of priorities. Once they have identified a specific target, Cardinal signs make it their main objective and aim their energies towards achieving it. Mutable signs tend to lack focus as their main motivation is to find variety and diversity in life. But Mutable signs can help their Cardinal pals to keep a range of options open rather than pursuing just one route, and Cardinal signs can help their Mutable partners to concentrate on one goal at a time.


Libra is a Yang sign ruled by the planet Venus in its male aspect, which is linked to Vulcan, God of the Forge and the Celestial Artist. As the consort of beautiful Venus, Vulcan worked in the heavenly forge, fashioning intricate weapons and exquisite jewellery for the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. Thanks to his influence, Librans are attracted to beauty and harmony and they are often gifted with artistic or creative talent. In Greek mythology Vulcan was called Hephaistos, who was rejected by his warring parents Zeus and Hera because they found him ugly and imperfect. Under his influence, Librans often worry about being rejected by others due to lack of personal appeal. Like Hephaistos, they use their talents and abilities to charm their way to popularity. Vulcan/Hephaistos was credited with creating the first female, Pandora, which symbolises this sign’s preference for relationships and explains why most Librans opt to be paired with a Significant Other.

Note: Your Zodiac Sign refers to which astrological constellation the Sun appeared to be in on the date of your birth. Each sign lasts for about 30 days, starting from around the 21st of each calendar month. If you were born close to the cusp of one sign and the next, you will need to check your year of birth for which date and at what time on that date, the Sun moved signs.

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