The fascinating art of AstrologyHOW ASTROLOGY WORKS

Astrology is an ancient art that works with a symbolic version of the planets, stars and heavenly bodies surrounding Planet Earth. Its purpose is to offer the clarity and guidance we need to feel more in control of our daily lives. The aim of modern-day astrology is to empower people and make them more aware of their own energies, qualities, strengths and weaknesses. Astrology is a like a language that uses symbols rather than words. It looks strange and complicated until you learn to read and speak it! 


Astrology can give you valuable information about yourself. It can define your true potential, helping you recognise all that you are capable of. It can clarify past and present experiences in key areas of your life, enabling you to lay the foundations for future fulfilment and lasting happiness. It can also offer useful guidance on how to make the most of current and future planetary influences.


  • Finding your Life Path Your birth chart is like a Map, pointing the way to your own unique personal destiny.
  • Pin-pointing your Potential Your birth chart reveals your true potential. Your talents and abilities, how to develop them and how best to use them.
  • Relationships From romantic to marriage to business or platonic relationships, the position of Venus in your birth chart can help you to find the perfect balance with your chosen partners.
  • Compatibility Your birth chart can explain why you feel comfortable and at ease with some people or awkward and nervous with others.
  • Identifying career goals Your birth chart can help to identify and guide you towards your ideal career, vocation or lifestyle.
  • Wealth Creation The positions of Venus, Jupiter and Pluto in your birth chart can show you how to attract material abundance into your life.
  • Managing your Resources Your birth chart can introduce you to your most valuable resources – the talents and abilities you were born with. It can help you to understand how to have more control in material matters.
  • Family Issues The Moon in your birth chart explains how you are affected by powerful family influences and ancestral inheritance.


A knowledge of the energy in your birth chart can help you to manifest positive outcomes from your life experiences by:

  • understanding yourself and your relationships more fully
  • confronting important questions about you & your life
  • putting your past into perspective
  • visualising the future you truly want
  • recognising how you can achieve your goals
  • being aware of things that may be getting in your way or holding you back
  • making the most of upcoming energies & influences

About the Astrologer

I am very lucky to have had an interesting and varied life but it hasn’t been without its dark days! It was about 30 years ago, when I was going through one of those really intense experiences, that I first found astrology. It’s been helping me to make sense of both the good times and bad ever since.


I suppose I was born an astrologer as I have always been interested in people, their lives and loves, hopes and dreams, sorrows and joys. I think growing up in the Arabian desert under those amazing night skies crammed with stars may also have had something to do with it!

In 1986 I experienced a traumatic period in my personal life. I turned to astrology for guidance and to help me understand my situation so I could make the best of it. As I was living in London, I was able to attend regular classes held by the Faculty of Astrological Studies. I spent six exciting years studying the spellbinding subject of astrology and I gained my diploma in 1992, when I began to read birth charts professionally.


I do not tell fortunes or give psychic readings. My aim is to pass on to you the fascinating feedback and important information provided by your Birth Chart. I focus on your free will choices and potential for positive manifestation. I also alert you to the beneficial and/or challenging planetary influences around you and ahead of you. Your life experiences can then be used to develop coping strategies and creative solutions as you begin to take conscious control of your own destiny.

I believe that when you ask for a reading you are really asking your Wise Self to guide you, through the mind and mouth of the person who is reading for you. Your Inner Guide won’t interfere with your free will but will show you choices that are in your best interests.

Please be aware of the limits and terms of my readings, and of this website.

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