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2024 Astrology for July

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All dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone (UT). © Pauline Gerosa Astrology Oracle Images & Text


Cancerian Season began on 20th June and continues to the 22nd of this month when the Sun moves into its own territory – the dramatic fixed fire sign Leo. July offers a solar blend of water and fire elements, resulting in a steamy yet creative combination. Now is the time to channel your energy and emotions into the fulfilment of your heart’s desires, but you must be prepared to put some real passion into the mix!

“May you be blessed with everything your heart desires.”

Shakti Gawain

Your Zodiac Sign This Month

The strongest influences to your birth sign will come from:

  • planets passing through your Zodiac Sign
  • New and Full Moons affecting your section of the Zodiac
  • the current placement of your Ruling Planet and the connections it creates
  • your Ruling Planet moving retrograde or direct (more about ZODIAC SIGNS and their Rulers).


Planetary Placements & Patterns
02 July 2024

Sun in Cancer square North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra
Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

This is a good time to optimise your attempts to work with ancestral line issues. Release yourself from harmful tendencies in your gene pool which can create negative experiences with regard to relationships. Replace co-dependency with self-assertiveness by reinforcing positive inherited attributes such as courage and self-reliance.

Your mind set is the magic ingredient that will help you create a fresh set of circumstances for your current life time. Once you understand the harmful behaviour patterns that are holding you back, you will be able to imagine yourself in a far kinder and more nurturing environment. Then you can start setting your intention to generate the outcomes you desire.


Do not be shy about showcasing your ideas by exhibiting them in front of an audience. Put some energy into your presentation by giving it the kind of entertainment value that will keep your spectators’ attention fixed on you. Your communication style should be confident but if you suffer from stage fright, do not be afraid to show it. Just the right touch of honest self-deprecation will endear you to your fans and help them to identify more strongly with your message. It is important to avoid a tendency to dictate your views or to present them in a style which could come across as arrogant, loud or opinionated. It would be better to admit that the matter is so close to your heart you can only talk about it in passionate terms.

Shortly after moving in Leo Mercury falls into an opposition to Pluto in Aquarius, which may make it more difficult to feel confident about expressing your ideas. The dread of being ostracised for your opinions could hold you back. The best way to circumvent the challenge would be to state your case in a style that is honest and authentic yet impersonal, detached and undramatic.


Even though you cannot deny the harsher aspects of life or avoid interacting with them, you will need to retreat from them on a regular basis. You are not escaping, merely making sure you remain immune from negativity and despair. Get plenty of rest and sleep as much as you can. Whenever possible be by water (especially the sea) because this element replenishes, revives and supports your spiritual nature. It is time to dissolve the barriers which separate your 3D self from the Guidance that flows to you from a higher plane of consciousness, where all the crazy, chaotic confusion of the earth plane is seen from a place where everything makes perfect sense!

Planetary Placements & Patterns
3-8 July 2024

Venus in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces, square Chiron & Eris in Aries
Sun in Cancer opposing Ceres in Capricorn
Mercury in Leo trine North Node in Aries

Creative conviction supports your quest to fulfil your true potential. Stop beating yourself up about whether you have what it takes to impress the world, or if your contribution is good enough. Hold fast to the ideas and perspectives which seem true to you, as they are the principles that guide your current life path. You are engaged in a productive process which includes a self-healing mission that only you can undertake. Your commitment to it must take precedence over everything else in your life.


The urge to plant seeds that will generate new life forms could be particularly strong right now. You would be tuning into the primeval instincts which inspire you to create something from scratch. Guided by instructions from your imagination, you select raw materials and fashion them into your version of what you feel they are waiting to become. This is a deeply personal and potentially satisfying experience that you may prefer to keep private until your design has formed a definite identity. Once you become aware of its true nature, you will feel compelled to nurture and protect it through to fruition.

Planetary Placements & Patterns
9-11 July 2024

Jupiter in Gemini trine South Node in Libra
Sun in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces
Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

This plentiful supply of positive potential can help you make the most of your creative talents. These gifts belong to you from birth, they are yours to enjoy throughout your current life time. The sheer sense of fulfilment you gain from engaging with these natural abilities is greater than any other activity you could possibly undertake. There is no limit to the ways in which to explore your creativity and to the amount of pleasure you will derive from doing so.

“Everyone has unique gifts and talents. What you love is what you’re gifted at. To be completely happy, to live a completely fulfilled life, you have to do what you love.”

Barbara Sher


Lavish attention on your relationship with your Self and engage with the Inner Child who still craves your unconditional approval. This is a partnership which must be prioritised. Because if you cannot love, respect and admire You, how will you be able to allow anyone else to offer the adoration you deserve? It is all about strengthening your self-esteem by appreciating the qualities and gifts that make you so special. “Because I’m worth it” is your mantra for the month! Venus smiles on any attempts you make to showcase the talents and abilities which could attract the attention of people who will come to appreciate your particular brand of resourcefulness, charm and style.

Hours after moving into Leo, Venus is forced into a dramatic opposition with potent Pluto in Aquarius. While this energy is far from easy, it could help you to confront ego issues that you resist recognising as yours and which therefore tend to be reflected in your relationships. Authentic self-esteem and unconditional self-acceptance are the qualities you are striving to attain as they will enable you to overcome any unconscious urge to impose your will on others, or to be dominated or controlled by them. Your ultimate aim is to shine your light freely and openly so that everyone you meet is encouraged to follow your example!

Planetary Placements & Patterns
15-22 July 2024

Sun in Cancer square Chiron & Eris in Aries
Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus
Mercury in Leo trine Chiron & Eris in Aries, square Uranus in Taurus
Venus in Leo trine North Node in Aries

It is impossible to deny the difficulty of this energy build up. Unpredictable by nature, it could be expected to cause considerable conflict and disturbance. But it also carries the potential to catalyse the kind of changes which, while painful to witness and experience, will create long-term solutions to apparently unsolvable problems. It can be used on a personal level to distance yourself from the destructive behaviour patterns that are blighting your life. While there are certain aspects of your Soul Plan which are non-negotiable because they cause the challenges that compel you to evolve, you are always free to determine your own destiny. It is your choice to charter a course that is exactly right for you.

Your absolute confidence in your role as Wounded Warrior/Healer will ensure that you are always headed in precisely the right direction. Buoyed up by a strong and authentic sense of Self, you become unbeatable. All the unpredictable events, upheavals, crises and challenges that cross your path are incapable of upsetting your equilibrium for more than an initial moment of surprise. You shine brighter than ever, lighting the way for less steadfast souls.


Use this inquisitive energy to educate yourself, especially in areas that can improve your fluency and communication skills. You are learning to introduce clever ways of putting your ideas into action, energising your marketing style and motivating prospective customers to follow your lead. It is not necessary to pin yourself down to a single activity at this stage, as your energy will be better spread over a variety of subjects. Multi-tasking is the name of the game and one which can be fun to play so long as you do not lose sight of your key aims and objectives.

A couple of days after moving into Gemini, Mars steps into an auspicious alignment with Pluto in Aquarius. This could be very helpful if you are trying to convey a message that is exceedingly important to you, but highly complex and difficult to explain in simple terms. You may uncover a means of interpreting the information that triggers a significant response within your sphere of influence.


2024’s second full Moon in the Zodiac’s most aspirational sign could really help to reinforce your commitment to the achievement of long term results. Even if you do not live to see the lasting effects of your efforts, future generations could benefit from the fruits of your patient endeavour. Your reward is to know you have done your very best, while at the same time gaining the golden goals of wisdom and experience. These prized gifts are yours to keep throughout eternity.

The full Moon is inspired by a trine between the Sun and Neptune and empowered by the Moon moving to conjunct Pluto. Your hopes of turning dreams into reality are underpinned by a deeper, stronger sense of trust. Commitment is key, regardless of the human doubts and fears that darken your path and whose only purpose is to reinforce your resolve to overcome them.


What starts out as an antagonistic clash of interests usually ends up in outright warfare. Whenever someone sides with aggression, they succumb to the influence of Eris as a vicious harpy who wreaks havoc by creating conflict and discord. The world has seen enough enmity and Planet Earth has borne far too many of its devastating effects. The only battle humanity should be fighting is against the primitive, destructive forces of immaturity, selfishness and greed within itself.


The Sun has entered the realm of its rulership in the regal sign of Leo. The element is Fire in a rather spectacular form which is why astrology elects this time of year as the best to celebrate your Self and give thanks for the Star Quality that makes you so Special. Take your place centre stage, stand in the spotlight and radiate your waves of charismatic charm. Accept the applause and admiration you so rightly deserve. Bask in the warm approval of those who love, cherish and respect you. Say it loud: I’m Me and I’m Proud! Too many people see themselves as “ordinary” and therefore insignificant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every single one of us has something to show off about which should be exhibited with undiluted delight, like an innocent child who takes joy in shining as brightly as they can.

“Look out ‘cos here I come and I’m marching on to the beat I drum,
I’m not scared to be seen I make no apologies, this is ME!”

Benj Pasek / Justin Paul

The Sun’s ingress into its own glorious sign Leo is sandwiched between a trine to Neptune and an opposition to Pluto in Aquarius. This emphasises the need to believe in your own magical origins as a beloved child of the Cosmos. You may face challenges which could threaten to destroy you but they are rendered powerless by your total trust in the spiritual strength that lives inside you.


Mercury’s influence is increased thanks to its rulership of efficient earth sign Virgo, making this placement spot on for working with detailed information, facts and figures. It would be the right time to test your ideas to see which skills, methods and techniques you will need to use in order to get the most well organised and effective results. But try not to get too stressed about making mistakes and avoid the temptation to obsess over minor details. Ironically, worrying about errors which might never happen is the best way to ensure that they actually do crop up and spoil your otherwise immaculate output! Simply put your data-checking process in place and concentrate on doing your best.


Of all the energies we could call on in times of difficulty, disease and distress self-pity is the most destructive, for it drains our fighting spirit and turns us into victims of circumstance. Chiron Retrograde can help you to review the process which brought you to where you are with your problems but only for the purpose of reigniting your courage and determination to outwit the illness (physical, mental or emotional) which might be sapping your strength. You are the motivator, the driver, the director of your own life experience. You are the healer of your own wounds.

Planetary Placements & Patterns
30-31 July 2024

Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries
Sun in Leo trine North Node in Aries

Someone who is able to accept and respect themselves, regardless of the scars they bear (whether inherited, received or self-created) can proudly bear the badge of Wounded Healer. Their brave, bright-shining spirit has carried them through testing times and painful circumstances. They have followed the path they were born to travel – a self-healing journey that only they could complete. In doing so, they have won top marks and gold medals from the Cosmos.

Movement of the Moon

The Moon passes through your Zodiac Sign 1-2 times per month. Because La Luna affects your moods and emotions you may find that your feelings are more sensitive when she is in your sector of the zodiac. Your instincts are intensified at this time, and you are at your most intuitive and imaginative. Read more about the Movement of The Moon

30 June-02 July MOON IN TAURUS square Pluto in Aquarius, trine Ceres in Capricorn, conjunct Mars & Uranus in Taurus

Once you master the art of living at your own pace, the pressure of keeping up with “everyone” will no longer govern your existence. It is almost as though time itself will have adjusted to accommodate the ebb and flow of your natural rhythm.

2-4 July MOON IN GEMINI trine Pluto in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in Gemini, trine South Node in Libra, square Saturn & Neptune in Pisces

Amazing ideas on how to transition from past to future in ways that could benefit the entire human race are bound to meet with resistance from the old school, Old Guard. They will struggle to understand how easy it could be if only everyone started moving in the same direction. It is almost as though they prefer life to be as difficult and dreary as possible!

4-7 July MOON IN CANCER square North Node, Chiron & Eris in Aries, conjunct Sun (new Moon) & Venus in Cancer, opposing Ceres in Capricorn, trine Saturn & Neptune in Pisces

This is a good time to make a fresh start on something that may have been put on hold because you were not sure where to go with it. The delay could have provided valuable space which could help to enrich a process that is both creative and healing. Take your time. There is no need to rush because the terms of your success are not limited by completion dates or deadlines.

7-9 July MOON IN LEO opposing Pluto in Aquarius, conjunct Mercury in Leo, trine North Node in Aries, square Mars & Uranus in Taurus

The following quote is spot on for this Lunar phase “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” Marcus Aurelius. Make sure not to overidentify with information before you have verified its intentions and source. It is important to probe deeper into what is really going on, in order to arrive at your own view of the matter.

9-12 July MOON IN VIRGO square Jupiter in Gemini, trine Ceres in Capricorn, opposing Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, trine Mars & Uranus in Taurus

This could be a test in trusting to the efficacy of your skills, methods and techniques. If you are burdened with doubts and fears about whether you are good enough, or have done enough, now is the time to cast them aside. There is no need to change anything about your way of working because it suits your purpose to a T.

12-14 July MOON IN LIBRA trine Pluto in Aquarius, conjunct South Node in Libra, trine Jupiter in Gemini, square Ceres in Capricorn, square Sun in Cancer.

Lack of confidence in your creative process might cause you to question whether you are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Actually, you are carrying the baton for previous generations in your ancestral line. Inherited abilities passed to you from them are helping you to undertake this important mission.

14-17 July MOON IN SCORPIO square Pluto in Aquarius, square Venus & Mercury in Leo, trine Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, trine Sun in Cancer, opposing Uranus & Mars in Taurus

If you are struggling with a sense of being blocked on all sides please tune into the higher senses that can offer you faith, hope and inspiration. You could feel that you are going against the grain, but this is definitely not the case. In fact you are guided by a force which is perfectly attuned to your Soul’s true purpose.

17-19 July MOON IN SAGITTARIUS trine Venus & Mercury in Leo, trine North Node, Chiron & Eris in Aries, opposing Jupiter in Gemini, square Saturn & Neptune in Pisces.

You are well on the way to your desired destination and you will arrive on schedule provided you do not get distracted by opportunities and options that are irrelevant in regard to your present experience. As they will only disperse your energy and delay your progress it is better to give them a wide berth for the time being.

19-21 July MOON IN CAPRICORN square North Node, Chiron & Eris in Aries, conjunct Ceres in Capricorn, trine Uranus in Taurus

Your creative project has reached a watershed where choices must be made. This decision-making process could feel difficult to the point of painful but try not to resist it. Its purpose is to evolve your present situation in order to trigger a beneficial change of direction.

21-23 July MOON IN AQUARIUS trine Mars & Jupiter in Gemini, conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, trine South Node in Libra, opposing Venus & Mercury in Leo, square Uranus in Taurus.

Self-transformation is a challenging process that involves looking in a mirror to see a reflection you do not recognise. Take heart, for this is a sign that you are shedding a skin which has served its purpose but no longer fits the future you are destined to fulfil.

“Why is my reflection someone I don’t know? Somehow I cannot hide, who I am, though I’ve tried. When will my reflection show Who I am inside?”


23-25 July MOON IN PISCES square Jupiter in Gemini, conjunct Saturn & Neptune in Pisces

Try not to get distracted by the many options life has to offer as they could compromise your commitment to your Soul Plan. Your designated destiny overflows with endless opportunities for you to explore. You do not need to search any further for the fulfilment which is already written in your stars!

25-27 July MOON IN ARIES trine Sun & Venus in Leo, conjunct North Node, Chiron & Eris in Aries, square Ceres in Capricorn.

The only thing that could prevent you from achieving the fullest expression of your potential would be misplaced ambition. Your efforts should be focused on gaining a strong sense of self-respect and pride in your own accomplishments. There is no need to concern yourself with impressing authority figures who may have governed your life in the past.

27-29 July MOON IN TAURUS square Pluto in Aquarius, trine Mercury in Virgo, square Sun & Venus in Leo, trine Ceres in Capricorn, conjunct Uranus in Taurus.

An unshakeable trust in your own methods and practices will ensure that you withstand the pressures of a constantly changing environment. Your top quality skills have created a strong safety net which protects you from the upheavals experienced by people who are not prepared to work to the same high standards and proficiency which you consistently produce.

29 July-01 August MOON IN GEMINI trine Pluto in Aquarius, square Mercury in Virgo, conjunct Mars & Jupiter in Gemini, trine South Node in Libra, square Saturn & Neptune in Pisces.

The mental acumen that you have inherited through your ancestral line turns you into an ace negotiator. Your knack for quick thinking, instantaneous interpretation and fluent speech gives your communication style a winning edge. But beware of any tendency to skip over critical details as they could undermine your efforts to achieve the expertise you aspire to.

MOON VOID OF COURSE phases are when the Moon makes no more astrological connections to any planet before it moves into the next zodiac sign. Traditional astrology believes that anything important which is initiated during these times is unlikely to come to full fruition or reap the results that are anticipated, or hoped for. This page from Astro Oracle Calendar 2024-25 lists phases when the Moon is void of course:



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