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2024 Astrology for April

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All dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone (UT). © Pauline Gerosa Astrology Oracle Images & Text


Aries Season began on 20th March at the Equinox, and continues to the 19th of this month when the Sun moves into the first earth sign, Taurus.

April offers a solar blend of fire and earth elements which creates a sense of purpose that is based on sensible, sustainable principles and practices. All in all this is a positive energy combination, although a tendency to stick to single-track, quick-fix solutions might not work well in complex situations which require a rather more patient and committed long-term approach.

“To find the universal elements enough; to be thrilled by the stars at night;
these are some of the rewards of the simple life.”

John Burroughs

Your Zodiac Sign This Month

The strongest influences to your birth sign will come from:

  • planets passing through your Zodiac Sign
  • New and Full Moons affecting your section of the Zodiac
  • the current placement of your Ruling Planet and the connections it creates
  • your Ruling Planet moving retrograde or direct
    (see the list of ruling planets at the end of this post)


The Moon passes through your Zodiac Sign 1-2 times per month. Because La Luna affects your moods and emotions you may find that your feelings are more sensitive when she is in your sector of the zodiac. Your instincts are intensified at this time, and you are at your most intuitive and imaginative. Read more about the Movement of The Moon

MOON VOID OF COURSE phases are when the Moon makes no more astrological connections to any planet before it moves into the next zodiac sign. Traditional astrology believes that anything important which is initiated during these times is unlikely to come to full fruition or reap the results that are anticipated, or hoped for.

April’s Astro Oracle Calendar lists this month’s void of course phases:

Astro Oracle calendar for April 2024 showing Moon void of course phases

29 March-01 April MOON IN SAGITTARIUS square Mars, Saturn, Venus & Neptune in Pisces, trine Sun, North Node, Chiron, Eris & Mercury in Aries.

Resist the temptation to run after idealistic, unrealistic outcomes which lack clarity and definition. Set your sights on what is achievable and focus your energy on hitting the type of target that brings you a strong sense of personal accomplishment.


You may find that some of your attempts to get your ideas across do not seem to be hitting the targets you set for yourself. Initially, this could be a source of disappointment but please do not give into despair or give up on your original plan of action. It may just be that you expected things to happen faster than was possible. You now have to set your sights on a more probable timeline. While it might be helpful to keep an eye on the competition, do not allow yourself to be panicked into running up against your rivals. Stay focussed on your own goals and resist the urge to cut corners just so you can speed through the items on your to-do list. Sun Signs most affected: Aries, Gemini, Virgo  

1-3 April MOON IN CAPRICORN square Sun, North Node, Chiron, Eris & Mercury in Aries, conjunct Ceres in Capricorn, trine Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus

You are coping well with the huge changes going on around you, mainly by creating productive designs for sustainable, long-term growth. Do not allow any sense that fast moving events will work against the slower pace of your plans. Concentrate on your own progress and trust that you are definitely heading in the right direction.

3-6 April 2024 Planetary Placements & Patterns
Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces
Sun conjunct North Node in Aries, square Ceres in Capricorn

This extremely dreamy energy is wonderful for conjuring up beautiful visions of how things could be if only the world existed in a constant state of peace and harmony. Unfortunately, we are not quite there yet! But we must keep believing that someday, Heaven & Earth will be reunited in a perfect partnership. In the meantime, we continue to fight any hostile forces which threaten a happy ending for what we have to accept is still a work in progress.

3-5 April MOON IN AQUARIUS conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, trine South Node in Libra, square Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus

Our ancestors offer their unconditional love and support as we continue to confront the challenge of change. They too, have lived through end of era epochs, and their experience is retained in our collective consciousness. Thanks to them, we have access to all the wisdom we need to cope through these testing times of transition.

5-7 April MOON IN PISCES conjunct Mars, Saturn & Neptune in Pisces.

Some of the most sensitive souls among us struggle to stay focused and disciplined, and end up being swept away on a current of unrequited longing. However, when they are able to reinforce their commitment to their earth plane existence, they become strong, clear channels for high-frequency consciousness.


Do not be afraid to take the initiative, whether for yourself or in your dealings with other people. You may feel more comfortable in the role of co-pilot, but it will be good for you to sit in the driving seat and take your own decisions about where to go and why. Try not to fall into the trap of comparing your talents with anyone else’s. There is nothing like a dash of healthy competition to spur you on but things can take a wrong turn if you start to sense that your rivals have what it takes to triumph while you do not. Turn your attention to what you do best and focus on the enjoyment you get from expressing your natural gifts. You are the only person you need to win over. Once you have gained your own approval it becomes easier to attract the kind of attention you want from potential partners. They are drawn to your independent spirit and your ability to stay focussed on achieving the goals that motivate and excite you. Sun Signs most affected: Aries, Taurus, Libra

7-9 April MOON IN ARIES conjunct Venus, North Node, Sun (New Moon), Chiron, Mercury & Eris in Aries.

If you haven’t been hurt yourself, how can you understand the first thing about someone else’s distress? Wounded warriors have travelled the painful path to self-healing, which is why they are so good at motivating others to follow in their footsteps.

08 APRIL NEW MOON IN ARIES (Total Solar Eclipse)

Any intentions you set now should be focussed on goals that feel absolutely right for you. There is no point in wasting your energy on activities which drain rather than boost your motivation and drive. This is your chance to prove that if you want something enough, nothing can stop you from finding a way to win it. The solar eclipse empowers your incentive and it is important not to allow subconscious emotions or unresolved behaviour patterns to undermine your enthusiasm. They must not be permitted to sap your willpower or undermine the courage you need to forge ahead with your aims and objectives. It would be more constructive to acknowledge their influence in your life so you can work to counterbalance its negative effect on your morale.

Because the chart for this month’s New Moon is so focused and intense, I thought it would be helpful to zoom in on some of the specific energies around the eclipse. Firstly, the Sun and Moon in Aries are exactly conjunct asteroid Chiron, which symbolises self-healing. Added to this is a tight connection between assertive dwarf Planet Eris and Mercury, planet of communication, which has recently turned retrograde in Aries. Finally, the North Node (symbolising progress towards the future) is also in Aries. All this gives special significance to Mars, the ruling planet of Aries. As the eclipse occurs, Mars sits very close to Saturn, planet of wisdom, in the most mystical sector of the Zodiac, Pisces. We should also notice that expansive Planet Jupiter is exactly 30 degrees on from the Aries eclipse, placed close to evolutionary Planet Uranus in Taurus.

How to interpret the message of this intriguing assortment of planetary powers? I would say it has something to do with channelling our Warrior Spirit constructively, as a force for healing in a war-torn world. Conflict born of the aggressive urge to dominate and wreak revenge has no place in an evolved society. It only causes the pain and suffering that keep us on a karmic wheel of never-ending violence and hostility. How much smarter it would be to lay our weapons of destruction aside and focus our resources on creating win/win scenarios. As more of us are able to take this approach in our individual lives, we exert an ever-expanding influence on humanity’s collective consciousness. The tipping point will be reached when we are driven by incentives based on the guiding principle “we all do better when we all do better”.

8-15 April 2024 Planetary Placements & Patterns
Sun & Mercury conjunct Chiron & Eris in Aries
Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces

The Wounded Warrior archetype energy emerges as Light Workers finally step into full awareness of their true purpose. No more questions about why your Soul Self volunteered for a lifetime of service on planet earth. No more worrying as to whether your human self is strong enough to complete the mission. Clear definition of your role and your reasons for accepting it are blazoned across your conscious mind, crowding out the doubt!

9-11 April MOON IN TAURUS square Pluto in Aquarius, trine Ceres in Capricorn, conjunct Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus.

Productive plans for sustainable growth help you to survive during times of sudden and unpredictable change. You are embracing evolution instead of uselessly resisting the loss of your comfort zone. Your loyal commitment to values and standards that guarantee positive prospects for all who live on Planet Earth is worth far more than you realise.

11-13 April MOON IN GEMINI trine Pluto in Aquarius, square Saturn, Mars & Neptune in Pisces, trine South Node in Libra.

Do not doubt for a moment that you are clever enough to navigate your way through foggy marshes filled with deceit, suspicion, secrets and lies. Intelligence inherited from your ancestors lights your way, helping you to distinguish correctly between treachery and truth.

13-16 April MOON IN CANCER square Venus & North Node in Aries, trine Saturn in Pisces

Patience provides certain support in situations where you fear that time might not be on your side. Stop watching the clock and carry on creating, trusting that the talents and abilities you were born with will generate the outcomes you seek.

16-18 April MOON IN LEO opposing Pluto in Aquarius, trine Venus, North Node, Mercury, Chiron, Eris & Sun in Aries, square Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus

Your search for Self is a lifelong quest. You will meet many unexpected obstacles along the way, each of them placed across your path in order to reinforce your determination to achieve the golden goals of self-healing, self-respect and self-mastery.

16-19 April 2024 Planetary Placements & Patterns
Mercury moving Retrograde in Aries squares Ceres in Capricorn & conjuncts Venus in Aries
Venus conjuncts North Node in Aries

Creative communication is at its most effective when the data is delivered in a series of steps and stages. However clear the core message, people still need to understand for themselves why your ideas matter to them. Once they catch on to your train of thought, it will foster their own urge to move forward. You will become their valued mentor and they will credit you for having helped them to find a definite sense of direction.

18-21 April MOON IN VIRGO opposing Saturn, Mars & Neptune in Pisces, trine Ceres in Capricorn, trine Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus

Your extraordinary abilities are natural and unique to you. Your life’s work is to select and develop the skills that are tailor made to help you practice and perfect the gifts you were born with. No goal can possibly be more important than this one.


The Sun has now settled into the Earth element of Taurus, making this an excellent time to balance the books and take stock of your situation. Make sure you have the material resources you need to provide a firm foundation on which to build. If they are scarce, do not be tempted to cut corners on sustaining high standards but try to keep your overheads low. You may have to slow down for the time being, until you have replenished your reserves. Check that you are putting your talents to the best possible use. They are your raw ingredients which underpin your ability to generate the wealth that is guaranteed to make your life more enjoyable, comfortable and secure. A true sense of abundance is earned by allowing things to be accomplished in their own time and manner, according to their natural rhythms and attributes. Hurrying and hassling to force results will not produce the genuine quality or the long-lasting outcomes rendered by a more patient pace which honours the authenticity of your commitment. Your motto should be “do it once, and do it well”. Sun Signs most affected: Taurus, Leo

21-23 April MOON IN LIBRA trine Pluto in Aquarius, opposing North Node, Mercury, Chiron, Venus & Eris in Aries, square Ceres in Capricorn.

It would probably be better to take a detached view of a situation before you decide what you want to do about it. Try not to jump to conclusions because you feel the need to take a stand, one way or another. There may be matters waiting to unfold that could be very relevant to the final outcome. Your ability to wait patiently for them to emerge will empower your ultimate choice of action.

21 April 2024 Planetary Placements & Patterns
Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius
Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries
Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus

This energy build-up should be taken seriously, as it marks a significant turning point with potentially long-lasting consequences. It carries several self-healing mechanisms which could prove to be extremely valuable, so long as you acknowledge the need to let go of any ingrained resistance to change. Perhaps you have already acclimatised to an environment which seems far less predictable than of old. Or you may be travelling through a transition that is testing your ability to cope with chaos. Either way, it would be very helpful to create an inner oasis of calm which imbues you with an invincible aura of personal power and integrity. Once you have established this connection to Core Strength, it will become so much easier to sustain a sense of trust that you are always safe. Nothing can harm you, unless you allow it to do so.

23-26 April MOON IN SCORPIO square Pluto in Aquarius, opposing Sun (Full Moon), Uranus & Jupiter in Taurus, trine Saturn, Mars & Neptune in Pisces.

Many of us might be feeling quite familiar with that inhospitable habitat The Dark Night of the Soul, which is why it is so important to understand how come we needed to go there in the first place. It was of course to undergo a rigorous rite of passage which transforms, evolves and lightens our energy fields, so they are able to function on the higher level frequencies of cosmic consciousness.


You could be feeling that you have reached the end of a significant phase in your life, because a major mission has been accomplished or completed. Perhaps things had become rather challenging or complicated and you have earned a well-deserved rest. It is now time to relax and replenish your energy. Used constructively, this could be a time of transformation and regeneration in your life. Trust that you are in total control of the process. You can set your own pace, you can dictate your own terms. There is absolutely no need to put yourself under pressure, even though a potent T-square formation between the Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio and Pluto in Aquarius might make you feel that options are in short supply. Nothing could be further from the truth, therefore any sense of stalemate should be definitely and deliberately rejected so that it does not stand in your way.


If the speed at which you were travelling seemed to have stalled for a while, you could now be feeling that your forward momentum is about to restart. Hopefully, the initially unlooked-for downtime has been put to good use – perhaps by providing you with some handy head space. This enforced interval may have given you the clarity and insight you needed to tighten up any loose ends which might have interfered with your ability to win the goals and hit the targets you were aiming for. Maybe you have dropped the details that were in danger of making your ideas too clumsy or complicated! Sun Signs most affected: Aries, Gemini, Virgo

25 April 2024 Planetary Placements & Patterns
Venus conjunct Eris in Aries
Chiron in Aries square Ceres in Capricorn

These energy patterns offer certain support for your self-healing process, so long as you are prepared to take an assertive stance against so called experts who profess to know what is best for you. However exalted their status, it does not give them the right to override your awareness of your own condition. Their true purpose is to co-operate with you in creating a treatment plan that offers the results you seek.

26-28 April MOON IN SAGITTARIUS trine North Node, Mercury, Chiron, Eris & Venus in Aries, square Saturn, Mars & Neptune in Pisces.

The path to self-awareness is a true adventure. There are masses of magical moments which offer you many exciting experiences. While they all seem amazing when seen from the big picture perspective, some can be very scary while you are actually going through them! This is when you lose sight of your goal, which makes you feel frightened and confused. Tuning into your feisty Warrior Spirit will help you regain the courage and confidence you need to resume your journey.

28-30 April MOON IN CAPRICORN trine Sun, Uranus & Jupiter in Taurus, square North Node, Mercury, Chiron & Eris in Aries, conjunct Ceres in Capricorn.

This productive phase is enhanced by pro-active engagement with innovative, evolutionary ways of using existing materials and resources. Any sense of urgency should be employed as a motivational force rather than an excuse to cut corners. Deadlines can provide positive momentum but they must not be seen as a driving force. Your ultimate goal is that of carefully constructed, high quality, long term success.


Take time to celebrate, recognise and appreciate the talents and abilities you were born with. They can be used to enrich your life and make it more enjoyable and fulfilling. They can be depended upon to help you earn a living, and to provide for your material comfort and security. One very valuable gift that you may be taking for granted is your capacity for putting people at their ease and helping them to feel comfortable, calm and relaxed. This aspect of your nature is enhanced and strengthened by Venus while her influence is reinforced by her rulership of laid-back and stable earth sign Taurus. Taurus is the sign associated with material wealth, comfort and ease. Venus is the planet of pleasure. While financial security can bring you a certain amount of stability, it does not offer the true sense of abundance that enables you to feel completely fulfilled. This level of contentment comes from being entirely satisfied with your self, and at peace with whatever is going on in your life. You are not reliant on the value of your worldly possessions because you feel fortunate to have been given them in the first place. You are totally in tune with who you are and what you have. You perceive yourself to be rich in every aspect of your earth-plane existence and you are grateful for the joy you gain from it. Sun Signs most affected: Taurus, Libra

Planetary Placements & Patterns
29 April Planet Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces before moving into Aries

Mars, as a naturally proactive planet, is likely to feel very uncomfortable when caught up in the nebulous nets and confusing cobwebs created by dreamy Neptune. But as most positive actions are motivated by vision, let us hope that Mars will emerge from his sojourn in the ethereal realms of Pisces with a head full of amazingly imaginative intentions!


This vibrant, competitive energy must be directed towards a specific goal. It needs to be channelled effectively and requires well-defined targets. It is great for getting started but tends to run out of steam when actual results fall short of expectations. The strong influence of Mars in its own zodiac sign Aries is marvellous if you want to be motivated but not so good if you tend to get impatient or frustrated by disappointments and delays. The nature of this placement is more like a sprint than a marathon. It provides a sharp sense of focus, urgency, excitement and speed that is short-lived yet highly effective. It brings an adrenaline rush which is designed to function for limited periods only. It should not be forced to fuel sustained activity or endure long-term effort. The great thing about Mars in Aries is its ability to bounce back very quickly. Once it has regained motivation, the pace soon picks up and there is an almost immediate acceleration of momentum and speed which puts you right back in the race with every chance of winning. Sun Sign most affected: Aries

30 April-2 May MOON IN AQUARIUS square Venus, Sun, Uranus & Jupiter in Taurus, conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, trine South Node in Libra

A culture can call itself truly civilised when each successive generation is totally committed to enhancing the environment it inherits. When the ancestors aspire only to bequeath an abundant world, a cornucopia of truth and beauty, to those who follow in their footsteps.

“We are witnessing an enormous shift of collective consciousness throughout the world.
We are at the precipice of great transformation within our culture and government”

Zachary Quinto

Planetary Rulers of Zodiac Signs

Planet Mars rules Aries, Planet Venus rules Taurus & Libra, Planet Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, The Moon rules Cancer, The Sun rules Leo, Planet Pluto rules Scorpio, Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Planet Saturn rules Capricorn, Planet Uranus rules Aquarius and Planet Neptune is ruler of Pisces. More about ZODIAC SIGNS and their Rulers.



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