2019 Astrology, Planets & Social Trends

Astrology Trends for 2019

There are some pretty potent planetary influences circling in the skies above us at present. While I certainly respect their gravitas and would never want to water it down in any way, I would like to offer some insight into how the Planets might be trying to help and support our evolutionary education here on Planet Earth. I have expanded on my post for last year as much of what I was saying then still applies in 2019. It’s an on-going process.

Everything Turns, Rotates, Spins, Circles, Loops, Pulsates, Resonates, and Repeats. Circles of life, Born from Pulses of light, Vibrate to Breathe, While Spiraling Outwards for Infinity through the Lens of Time, and into a Sea of Stars … Suzy Kassem


The Moon’s Nodes are seen to represent a journey that moves along a timeline – out of the past, towards the future. During 2019 the South Node which represents the past, is in the sign of Capricorn and the North Node, which represents the future, is in Cancer.

coming from the South Node in Capricorn We have become used to being controlled by corporate authorities. We have been trained to get into mature mode as soon as possible, to obey orders and to behave responsibly. We tend to prioritise duty and we try to live up to the standards we believe are expected of us. It’s time for us to worry less about social status and worldly goals so that we can focus on our intimate lives and what really matters to us on a personal level. The only ambitions we need to aspire to are the ones that fulfil our creative instincts.

Past Life & Ancestral Line Issues We are currently working with collective soul memories from the generations that went before us of lifetimes which were concerned with survival, hardship, duty, responsibility and ambition. We are in the process of moving on from the repressive influence of ancestral line experiences involving strict social hierarchies and controlling, often abusive, authority figures.

moving towards the North Node in Cancer We are learning to feel more comfortable with expressing our imaginations rather than relying on instructions from authorities. We are developing trust in our emotional responses and inner clocks, and we are gradually allowing ourselves to be guided by our own instincts instead of obeying orders from experts and elders. We are breaking away from the habit of seeking permission, looking for approval and falling back on formalities as it is now time for us to answer to our own authority. We are used to prioritising professional goals but now we are beginning to want to put our personal lives first. Relations within the human family are becoming more unconditional, intimate, nurturing and protective with less emphasis on duty, discipline and obedience.

There could be an inkling that we are making positive progress along our evolutionary path in January 2020, when Jupiter, planet of growth and development, makes direct contact with the South Node in Capricorn. Jupiter’s goal is to free us from the controlling clutches of difficult lessons we have already learned and do not need to repeat.

until 3 December 2019

The positive potential is for new horizons to open up, offering increasingly optimistic views of the way forward. But there will be a lot for us to learn from being cavalier about consequences. We could be raking in the results of reckless risk-taking, lack of due diligence and reluctance to read the small print on ventures we’ve embarked on in the past. We don’t have to relinquish optimism and positivity but we do have to remember that all actions have outcomes. An example is our self-made problem of plastic waste. As Jupiter moved into Sagittarius we began to understand the full extent to which our careless disposal of single-use packaging is destroying our environment.

3 December 2019-19 December 2020

This rather serious placement of normally jolly Jupiter helps us to create a constructive combination of hope and pragmatism, making it easier for us to discover practical solutions to problems that threatened to defeat us with their difficulty. Jupiter will bring fresh perspectives to traditional business models and formal protocols, pushing back boundaries and creating new opportunities. But there will be significant resistance to forward progress, particularly from those in powerful positions who are reluctant to let go of their authority and control. It’s already obvious how unwilling established governments, corporations & big businesses are to relinquish ways of raising revenue that actively destroy life on Planet Earth. Now Jupiter is insisting that it’s time for them to discover different paths to prosperity.

until December 2020

Responsibility (especially at a corporate level) for decisions & actions taken 30 years ago will be coming home to roost. This should be especially obvious when Saturn comes into contact with the South Node 30 April, 4 July & 28 September 2019. Plans and preparations made then will now be manifested in real terms – for better or worse. The world must now lay foundations and carry out the groundwork for aims & aspirations to be achieved over the next 30 years. But this time around, our forecasts and strategies should be based on reality rather than wishful thinking. We must structure the framework for our future with patience, responsibility, maturity and the wisdom of hindsight rather than allowing it to be controlled by vested interests & selfish ambitions.

The Soul Group born in 1982-83 could play a significant role at this stage, owing to the fact they have Saturn conjunct Pluto in their birth charts. They may take a key position in holding previous generations to account for their selfishness, greed, poor planning and abuse of authority. They may also be instrumental in giving birth to and parenting a tribe of Wise Ones who will guide the evolution of Planet Earth to higher levels of awareness and integrity.

on 18 February 2019

While the Wounded Healer Asteroid has been drifting through the visionary but vague sign of Pisces, it has brought heightened awareness of the extent of pain in the world without offering many workable schemes or systems that could sort out the suffering. Instead, it has created self-pitying martyrs, drowning in their sorrows, passively waiting for someone or something to save them. As Chiron makes its final move into brave & independent Aries we can expect to see more assertiveness from those who label themselves as Victims. Deprived of the expectation that they are going to be rescued from ill-health, poverty, exploitation, etc., people will have to start sorting out their own solutions. Look back to when Chiron was last in the first zodiac sign which was in the late 1960s through the 1970s. This was the era of individuals protesting against social conditions that hurt and oppressed them. They refused to sacrifice themselves as cannon fodder in powerful men’s wars and they stood against tyrants who tried to enslave and control them because of their sex, or the colour of their skin. It’s time to re-affirm this trend and take it to the next level.

on 7 March 2019

In the past 7-8 years as Uranus marched its way through pro-active Aries we have seen an explosion of innovative initiatives designed to offer independence to individuals. The spectacular evolution in personal device technology has given a majority of the world’s population instant access to information (past & present), products and services anywhere on the Planet. While on the whole this has been a positive trend, the speed at which it has happened has created a lawless, free for all environment which enables the strong to bully the weak. It’s the ideal means by which selfish, aggressive characters with limited public awareness can achieve their goals. Rebels, geeks, social misfits & malcontents thrive in a virtual world without physical boundaries. 

As Uranus makes its final move into Taurus we have to look back to 1934-1942, when it was last in the 2nd zodiac sign. If that period of history is anything to go by, we can expect another round of disruption on a global scale. Some of this is likely to be caused by cyber rebels, saboteurs and terrorists hacking into the systems that maintain the status quo and keep society running along predictable lines. The unrest could also be caused by geological upheaval, climate change, volcanic & tectonic plate activity with sudden and unpredictable fluctuations in sea levels and established weather patterns. 

The knock on effects of this turmoil will bring radical change to all areas and levels of human activity. Constructive new technologies that could help us find novel ways of providing for our physical needs so we can stop annihilating our environment should start to establish themselves. Ideally, these innovative ideas will help us develop our social systems to make them freer and fairer for all who live on Planet Earth. But we will need to guard against a cold-blooded campaign to replace natural, organic beings with robots, androids, clones & genetically modified zombies.


As Neptune reaches the middle degrees of its own spiritual and sensitive sign Pisces our yearning for metaphysical messages and inter-dimensional insights that help us to see beyond our mundane existence should deepen. Hopefully Neptune is making us kinder and more sympathetic towards our fellow Earthlings. It’s probably the position of the compassionate planet in soft-hearted Pisces that’s inspiring the current world movements in ecology, animal welfare and veganism. But nebulous Neptune also has a tendency to turn us into escapists, feeding the addiction for fantasy TV, shopping, junk food, alcohol and drugs that enables us to avoid the harsher realities of life. We must resist the temptation to sacrifice our hard-gained consciousness and drift off into a hypnotic, sleep-walking state from which it’s very difficult to awake. There’s a fine line between idealism and mania and Neptune’s influence can push people without a strong sense of their own identity over the edge into a strange form of madness. They may seem sane but unfortunately their fanatical beliefs are based on illusion and distorted truths.


Pluto continues its relentless journey through status-conscious Capricorn, continuing its mission to purge, transform and regenerate corporate hierarchies and authoritarian power structures. We see Pluto’s undermining influence at work in a failing social order that is crumbling before our eyes. This should be particularly evident 31 March-4 April 2019, as Pluto conjuncts the South Node in Capricorn, bringing a potent sense of déjà vu. The last era of Pluto in Capricorn witnessed the American Revolution, when hard-working emigrants from Europe rebelled against an arrogant colonial rule which exploited and controlled them from afar. It also heralded the revolution in France and the guillotining of wealthy French aristocrats who ate cake while their peasant surfs & workers starved to death. Pluto in Capricorn saw the introduction of industrial practices that are, even now, responsible for enslaving populations and polluting the planet. 

Pluto dictates that it is time to confront the consequences of our collective karma. Any human system that has employed exploitation or abuse to enrich and empower itself will be held accountable and cast into the fiery furnace that purifies and renews.


The evolutionary planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto lead us through events that are designed to develop, progress and advance our growth in knowledge and experience. These times can seem traumatic and they test our levels of trust. The element and energy of the Zodiac Sign you were born under points the way to your purpose as the planets challenge you to expand your awareness.

UNTIL 2026

“Look around you. Everything changes. Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing … changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.” Steve Maraboli

Unpredictable Uranus completed the initial stages of his pioneering change-making project while he was pushing through Aries. He is now ready to revolutionise us in ways that we won’t be able to ignore! His objective is to evolve us by waking us up and shaking us out of our comfort zones, even if the only way to do that it by making the ground move beneath our feet. Going against the flow, daring to be different and upsetting the apple cart are activities that might mark you as a misfit. But trapped inside all of us is an Inner Wild Child, a free spirit who is longing to break out of its box – however cosy the cage may be.

The Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are those who will act with courage, speed and spontaneity as the great changes of Uranus take place. They’ll be at the front line of evolutionary events – excited by the adventure but in awe of the upheaval involved. Their challenge will be not to get drawn into the drama, but to stay focused on their individual roles within the pioneering process.

The Earth Signs Virgo, Capricorn & particularly Taurus are those who could find the upsetting effects of Uranus most disruptive and difficult to deal with. But they are the ones who will have to implement new strategies and systems to cope with the results of radical change. They will sort out solutions to practical problems and source the skills, resources & materials needed to build a new world.

The Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the ones with the ideas, information and interpretation skills that can help us to cope with the unexpected, unpredictable, unknown, untried and undiscovered events that Uranus has in store for us. It will be up to them to keep lines of communication open so that people have a clear understanding of how, where, why, when and what is happening.

The Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces are the group that will sustain the shell-shock that follows sudden change. They will carry the emotional trauma, memories and impressions of the chaos and upheaval caused by Uranus. But they are also the ones who will seek spiritual significance in the events so they can offer empathy, heal wounds and mend broken hearts.

UNTIL 2026

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Neptune’s effect is to send us dreams and visions to inspire our thoughts and ideas so that we may travel beyond the normal confines of our physical existence. The difficult bit is to make the multi-dimensional visions that Neptune transmits to us work in the 3-dimensional world we inhabit. The influence of Neptune is strengthened while it passes through the zodiac sign it is associated with, and Neptune in Pisces provides the ideal conditions for people to channel out-of-this-world information that could help us to build a heaven here on earth. We may not be aware that we are directly involved in the movement that is creating a shift in consciousness on our home planet but we are all doing so. Gradually, it is beginning to dawn on us that we have total control over our own perceptions and therefore over our own lives.

The Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio & particularly Pisces are channelling the influences from Neptune that are helping us to unlock the power of our imagination and change the state of our minds through the use of self-belief, positive thoughts and imagery. This group would be receiving and transmitting inspirational energy while they are asleep, meditating, dozing or daydreaming.

The Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the ones who are interpreting Neptune’s information, so that it can be processed and passed on. The message is communicated in a variety of ways – through words, images, art and technology – so that it is understood by all the languages, cultures and levels of awareness that exist on Planet Earth.

The Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the ones who are inspired to act on mystical messages. This group will respond instinctively to Neptune’s ethereal energy, knowing how to focus and direct it into exciting new enterprises and initiatives. These visionary ventures will motivate us to make independent choices that will free us from the illusion that we can’t run our own lives.

The Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the group that will manifest Neptune’s vision in real-life terms. They will build stability that is founded on the organic structures, forms and rhythms of Planet Earth. With deep respect for the laws of Nature, they will work to create a paradise garden that will be both a temple to Gaia and a home for her Children.

UNTIL 2025

“What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely.” Christopher Reeve

Pluto in Capricorn gives us plenty of time to learn the true meaning of personal power and how to handle its potent energies. Power is only to be used with very high levels of responsibility, honesty and integrity and it corrupts those who dare to dabble in it for selfish reasons.

We are attracted to power because it helps us to feel in control. Most of us resent having to kowtow to others, especially if there is no respect for the person who is handing out the orders. But being the boss doesn’t come so easily to most of us either. We often fear our own power because we worry about causing more harm than good. This causes us to throttle back on our true potential and stick to situations that are far beneath our actual abilities.

If you recognise this pattern in yourself, you will probably be feeling frustrated with your life and discontented with yourself. The frustration can emerge in manipulative behaviour, where you orchestrate dramas or embroil yourself in complicated situations which leave you feeling unfulfilled and guilt-ridden. Pluto in Capricorn is teaching you to stop messing about with your personal power and telling you to use it constructively.

The Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo & particularly Capricorn can put their Plutonian power to use in pragmatic ways. They will have to confront and overcome the destructive, real-life effects of human greed, brutality and wastefulness. They are the ones who can organise and implement the practical plans, strategies and solutions that will get to grips with the heavy-duty problems that are currently challenging the health and well-being of Planet Earth.

The Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces can direct their emotional and intuitive powers towards the healing and regeneration of Planet Earth. Their task is not so much to do, as to feel. By opening their hearts to the pain and suffering of the world, they can ask Pluto for all wounds & scars to be purified and transformed into light and love. But they must avoid the temptation to glorify their therapeutic role, which would undermine & sabotage their true purpose.

The Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the ones who will keep us hopeful and motivated through the darkest days of Pluto’s transformational process. Their power is fuelled by enthusiasm and faith in the future and it can be directed into leading and encouraging those who are racked with doubt or have fallen into despair. Their cheerfulness is contagious and inspires others with optimism and positive expectations. Vanity would be their downfall if they were tempted to use their powers selfishly, rather than for the good of all.

The Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius possess the power of communication. Their thoughts, words, language and imagery enable the rest of us to process information and awaken our ability to interpret and understand it. Their Plutonian purpose is to enlighten and inform so that everyone is empowered to express their individual ideas rather than being controlled by the propaganda of self-appointed authority figures. This group must avoid the temptation to identify with their own views to the extent that they ignore or block opinions from any other sources.

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